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Hands-on Yoga Assisting Program


This practical assisting course is designed for both yoga teachers as well as yoga students who want to gain an in-depth understanding of their own practice and alignment in asanas, or to support others in theirs. 


For non teachers – learning to assist will give you an incredible insight into your own practice in terms of discovering both what you should be aiming for, and what your body’s limitations are. If you go on to assist you will discover a fulfilling way of contributing to others’ yoga practice, enhancing their class experience and supporting the teacher.


For yoga teachers – assisting provides the opportunity to experience asana in hundreds of different bodies, which gives you an unparalleled insight into your students’ personal practice. You will also gain the ability to see and read bodies both on physical and energetic levels, which will massively increase your sensitivity as a teacher.


  • Gain greater confidence and knowledge in assisting yoga students on a one to one basis, or in large classes
  • Enhance and improve your yoga teaching skills and the quality of your yoga classes
  • Help your students deepen their experience of their yoga practice
  • Gain greater connection with your students
  • Develop and deepen your understanding of your personal yoga practice
  • Gain hands-on experience of assisting small groups and yoga classes at the studio during the workshop 


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Program content


Over 3 days, this interactive and experiential workshop will provide you with concrete skills for safe, effective hands-on yoga assisting. 


  • Key principles for being a powerful assistant
  • Postural anatomy and alignment
  • Safe and effective hands-on asana adjusting and assisting techniques
  • Non-verbal communication in the context of yoga assisting
  • The energetics of yoga assisting
  • How to create a shift in a student's experience of a yoga class or posture


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