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Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training Facilitators


All our Teacher Training Programmes are lead and overseen by Dylan Ayaloo – Founder of Hot Power Yoga.

Dylan uniquely combines 'breakthrough' transformational coaching with the physical healing of Forrest Yoga and the Power Vinyasa flow style of yoga.

He presents the ancient philosophies and teachings of yoga in a modern and accessible form that creates programmes which are challenging, well-informed, fun, sometimes a little unconventional, and certainly life-changing. 

The supporting facilitators are Sandra Heider - Forrest Guardian and Jambo Truong - Forrest Yoga Guardian in Training.


"The facilitators were extremely patient, inspiring, encouraging - all in all it was amazing" - Lynda L


Dylan Ayaloo


Malaysian-born Dylan comes from a background of martial arts at Olympic standard. He discovered yoga at a time when his body called for a greater sense of natural well-being and healing from the years of full impact sport and the resulting injuries. 

Dylan's story is truly inspiring to anyone who has experienced a sense of feeling stuck in their career: he walked away from a successful but unfulfilled corporate role in Australia - where meditation and yoga provided his only respite - to create a new life sharing his love of yoga on the other side of the world.

Dylan has practiced various styles of yoga, but fell in love with Power Vinyasa, in which he trained in Australia and the US. He went on to assist in over 2000 hours of intensive yoga teacher training around the globe with Baron Baptiste where he gained an immense technical knowledge of alignment and uncovered an instinct for assisting asanas. He has also trained to an advanced level in the therepeutic and healing effects of yoga with Ana Forrest.

He is one of the UK's most senior Baptiste trained Power Vinyasa teachers, and was one of the first to bring Power Vinyasa Yoga to England. 
Having trained in transformation and personal growth coaching with London’s Concord Institute, Anthony Robbins and Chloe Medanes, Dylan brings a level or support and compassion to his coaching that is both highly effective and unique.

Dylan is a powerful coach and facilitator with a particular skill in guiding students to connect with their purpose, believe their potential and realise it.



Dylan Ayaloo hosting a packed open class at London's Yoga Show


Dylan Ayaloo advising on knee alignment


Sandra Heider

Sandra Heider, MA, MA, is a Forrest Yoga Mentor and Europe’s only Forrest Guardian, and has been assisting Ana Forrest at her workshops and teacher trainings since 2009. She also has a background in Ashtanga and Jivamukti.
Sandra’s interest and expertise lies in finding the integration between spirituality, psychotherapy and physical practices. At the heart of her teachings lies the assumption that we need to return to our bodies and to feeling in order to experience peace, acceptance and self-love, which in turn will lay the foundation for genuine relationships with other people.
As well as being the owner of 2 successful studios, Sandra recently completed her 5 year studies in body psychotherapy at CBPC in Cambridge (UK). 

Jambo Truong

Ted-Talker Jambo Truong is Consultant of Integrated Health with special interests in Classical East-Asian Medicine, Functional Anatomy, Applied Kinesiology and acupuncture.
His expertise in relation to yoga has lead him to facilitate specialist workshops in the area of Functional Anatomy.  Jambo was invited to join Forrest Yoga Hoop of Mentor Guardian Teachers and has been travelling assistant to Ana Forrest for the previous 4 years. 
Jambo's passion is in proving why what we do in yoga poses & pranayama work. He sits on the Council for Yoga Alliance UK (Yoga Therapy) & various boards for HIV, Hepatitis C & Substance Mis-Use.
He established an organisation that specialises in yoga for addiction, chronic pain & trauma, and is currently supervising researchers connected to University of Northumbria and Cape Town.
His 2-day Functional Anatomy workshop is integrated in to the Hot Power Yoga 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training, but is also available as a standalone workshop.

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