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We've also included a free meditation - with our Founder Dylan Ayaloo - to help you relax and unwind (we're not just about the 'power'!).


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30 Days of Unlimited Yoga for just £40


If you haven't already started practicing yoga with us, there's no better time to start. 


With our Unlimited Introductory offer you can practice as many times as you like in 30 days for just £40. Check out our schedule to see what works for you.


Your pass won't start until you attend your first class, so buy it now and then start when youve checked out your pose chart.



Beginners Workshops


Exponentially improve your practice with expert input and guidance in a more intimate and interactive setting.


Attend our Beginner's Workshop.


  • Learn basic principles that you can apply to all poses
  • Posture clinic - break down postures and receive hands-on adjustments
  • Q&A session
  • Small-group setting
  • Great opportunity to meet other beginners
  • Choose your timing - You can choose to jump straight into classes or do the Workshop first. Buy your bundle now and you have 3 months to start.




30 Days Unlimited Yoga for £40


Save £100 when you sign up for your Introductory 30 days for £40 pass and try as many yoga classes as you like in our Clapham Common Yoga studio.


Buy now and start any time within the next 3 months.


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Beginners Workshop


1.30-4pm one Saturday per month at the Clapham, Studio 



7th Sept           



12th Oct



9th Nov



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30 Days Unlimited Yoga + Beginners Workshop*

Save £105



Bundle your Intro 30 Days of Unlimited Yoga with your Beginners Workshop and save a total of £105.


30 Days of Unlimited Yoga for £40 (normally £140)


Beginners Workshop for just £20 (normally £25)


Pick your workshop below and start your Intro 30 Pass anythime with 3 months of purchase.

 7th Sept                         


12th Oct
9th Nov


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*Serious Stuff:

• Unlimited Introductory Pass commences on the date of your first class, and not the date of purchase.

• Unlimited Introductory Pass is available to new HPY customers only. One Intro pass per customer.

• When buying the workshop or Unlimited Introductory Pass, the Workshop/Class must be taken with in 3 months of purchase.
• Non-transferrable to other HPY products or customers

• No extensions or pausing

Learn top tips that will make a huge difference


Get expert advise from the HPY teachers


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