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Here are just a few of the things our graduates have to say about Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training courses.


“Hot Power Yoga has  marked  the  beginning of a very important journey in my life... The program exceeded any expectations I had on a number levels... It gave an insight to the boundless possibilities available to us all as teachers on and off the mat. It was informative and balanced. It opened the gateway for enthusiasm to learn more, allow for more experiences and share all this through the process of asanas ... The course has deepened my passion for yoga further, kindled my enthusiasm to teach and embrace life with a clearer perspective.” : Emma


“As a teacher myself with a few teacher trainings under my belt already I found the transformational work very important as this as far as I know is rarely included in other trainings. I found the whole process a very rewarding experience and I would highly recommend it.” : Craig


“This course has changed my life or defined its direction so to speak – particularly the spiritual teachings of the course.  I never thought I would be able to find something in my life, a vocation that I was so passionate about , and that simply allows me to learn more and more and more.” : Heidi


“A truly transformational experience, and a deep all round presentation into the teachings of Yoga, amazing” : Jamie


“This is my third teacher training and I was blown away... If you are looking to be an authentic Power Yoga teacher and have the tools to transform many lives then this is the training for you” : Jason










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This training truly spans all of the eight limbs of yoga and has given a very deep, solid & credible foundation to go forward and teach from. And that is surely the point. I believe that I am now a teacher. I feel confident that I can teach from a place of knowledge and authenticity and although this is a journey that one never completes I know that I am at a place where I have something genuine to offer others. And throughout the duration there was a beautiful sense of community from which I have gained some lifelong friendships including the teachers themselves. It has been a deeply challenging, thoroughly exhaustive, highly intensive and ultimately extremely rewarding experience and one that I am forever grateful to have been part of.” : Alex


“This program had everything I had expected and more... A lot of the mystery surrounding yoga and teaching was delivered perfectly and very much in the style of the life we live in now and letting us see it for ourselves from our own experience of life” : Maria


“To be completely honest the training was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. It has opened my mind and heart and I feel empowered by the experience.” : Katie


“A huge experience, a chance to change and grow. My heart is bigger, my core is stronger!!! I love HPY Dylan's tribe!”
: Marianna


“This has been a unique and enriching training program that has truly benefited me, both in practical yoga teaching and spiritual and emotional well being... It has been a once in a lifetime experience that has set me on my journey to pursue the path of yoga” : Zoe