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The 200Hr Program Teacher Training Program comes from the perspective of awakening the powerful teacher and human being within you, and content is delivered in an empowering way that you can readily apply both to your teaching and wider life.

Includes a 2-day Functional Anatomy Workshop with Jambo Truong.




"Our mission is both teaching yoga and helping you unlock your potential, and all aspects of the training are fed by this intention." - Dylan Ayaloo 


(Founder of Hot Power Yoga and Lead Facilitator of Teacher Training Programs)



Program Content



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Asana practice and postural workshops


- Through daily classes your personal practice will grow exponentially and you will experience physical transformation.

- You will learn key principles of asanas and alignment as well as foundational principles of yoga practice. These principles can be applied to your own practice and also provide core material for your teaching, whatever the level of student.

- Posture workshops will develop your understanding of alignment, and the physical and energetic benefits of postures.

- Your increased awareness and understanding of your body will become the foundation from which you teach.

- You will also learn how to use props and adjustments to enhance the physical yoga practice.




- You will learn the importance of breath and how it shapes our energy levels in each moment.

- You’ll discover how to direct your breath and energy and to use it as a tool to influence your own state, and how to teach this to others.




- Through daily practice you will discover meditation as a tool to clear your mind in order to make space for growth.


Yoga History and Philosophy


- You will experience the texts of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita blended with contemporary transformational principles to discover a ‘blue-print’ for modern yogic living.




- You will reconnect with yourself and really learn who you are and the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from reaching your true potential.

- You will be taught a framework of principles that provides a potent yet accessible template for being a powerful yoga teacher and human being, which will guide you throughout your life journey.


Functional Anatomy - 2 Day Workshop with Jambo Truong


- You will learn anatomy that is relevant and valuable to your teaching and to your understanding of your students’ bodies.

- Discover the 12 key postural muscles and how to identify and test them.

- Experience how to build strength and flexibility in these muscles using yoga poses


Class sequencing and planning


- Hot Power Yoga teaches a base sequence which provides a template upon which creativity and individuality can flourish.

- You will learn to use Ayurvedic principles to assess the energy in the room and gain tools and skills to customize the sequence in order to mold energy to suit the needs of the class.

You will also discover how to bring your personality and individuality, and discover a style that is unique to you.


Practice teaching


- From day 1 you will teach and we provide a supportive environment in which it is OK to make mistakes and get messy. By taking this step early it creates space for you to learn and grow.

- We’re also so confident in our teaching process that we provide community classes on our studio schedule for trainees to teach after just 9 days.


“To be completely honest the training was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. It has opened my mind and heart and I feel empowered by the experience.” - Katie




Voice, presence and influence


- It is important that your students collectively feel they are safe, secure and supported, but also that you are simultaneously speaking to them individually. You will practice techniques and develop skills that will develop your confidence, presence and ability to influence individuals and groups in both a heartfelt and effective way.




- Assisting is an essential skill as a teacher and develops your understanding of the capabilities of different body types.

- We offer a separate full assisting course, but the 200Hr Program will equip you with the skills and confidence to assist whilst teaching.


Business of yoga


- However you define success, your mindset will be critical to your achievement of it. You will learn how to be a leader in the classroom and your community and discover how your mindset influences all aspects of your life.

- You will also hear inspiring stories and see how the principles of yoga can be applied to business



Teach Yoga. Change Lives


You will find our RYS 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Program is an empowering and life-transforming course which will equip you as an effective power vinyasa yoga teacher both in your ability to teach asanas and touch your students' lives.

Click here to apply. Or, to find out more about any of our programs, read on, email or call Jess on 07557 550 864.






Price breakdown




Application fee


 - Payable on submission of your application

 - Refundable if you are not accepted





 - Secures your place on the Program once you are accepted

 - Non-refundable (along with your application fee), once you accept your place



Tuition fee





Early Bird rate


 - Payable in full by the Early Bird date shown on the schedule



Full rate


 - Payable in full 1 week prior to the start of the Program




Total Program fee


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