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Become a Full Time Yoga Teacher


Group Yoga Session   Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training 3-some

Learn to teach large & small classes of all levels


Gain confidence - teach in small groups from day 1



Teach Yoga. Change Lives


Teaching yoga full time is incredibly fulfilling and will allow you to inspire and positively influence many people’s lives.


You will see people change physically and witness the signs of tension, stress and distress melt away from them.


You will become a leader in your own community – someone others look to for guidance and support on their journey.


It’s an incredible gift.


If this is your dream then investing in your training and yourself is crucial to making it a reality, which is why your aspiration should not just be to teach, but to be a truly powerful teacher.


It's not just about knowledge and teaching, it's about life. The way I look at my life is completely different." - Mami

Hot Power Yoga Dylan Ayaloo Yoga ShowDon’t Just Teach. Teach Powerfully


To teach yoga as a career successfully you need to have strong technical and interpersonal skills, creativity, authenticity and X-factor.


We believe everyone has the capability to achieve this and our courses are designed to build strong foundations based on knowledge, understanding and practical experience.


Our programs also offer a powerful transformational element that helps you connect to your purpose and realize your unlimited potential.


You’ll learn to communicate with a depth and authenticity that will profoundly influence your students and keep them coming back for more. This capacity to generate repeat business means you will be both a more employable teacher and /or be best placed to build your own community.


Your Journey


We want you to be sure we’re the right school for you.


Try our 3-day Foundations of Teacher Training Program first, which includes a sample of some key modules of the full 200Hr Program.


If you decide to continue on to our 200Hr Program we’ll take £150 off your 200Hr Program.


To find out more, email us at 

or call Jess on 07557 550 864.






Teacher Training Open House



Join us for a free class and Q&A session. Meet the Facilitators and past graduates and learn how our Programs changed their lives.


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