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Terms and Conditions

10 Class Pass - Auto Renew



The most cost effective way to practice if you practice once per week or your job requires you to travel frequently.



The good stuff:

  • 20% discount versus a regular 10 Class Pass (if bought within your Intro period)
  • Save £5.65 per class versus a drop-in
  • Up to 3 months (12 weeks) to use 10 passes – or use them sooner
  • Your pass will automatically renew once you’ve attended 10 classes or your pass expires (whichever occurs sooner)




£116 for 10 passes, reduced to £104.40 if purchased within the Introductory 30 Days Unlimited Yoga Pass period. Reduction is equivalent to 10% discount.


The serious stuff:


Contract: Auto-renew 10 Class Pass. This means your pass will automatically renew once the ten passes are used or 3 months have passed, whichever occurs sooner

Discount duration: 10% discount applies until autorenew is cancelled

Validity: All classes

Duration: 12 weeks from date of purchase

Minimum term: 2 cycles of 10 passes

Deposit: None

Upgrading to a membership: This can be requested at any time and the upgrade will commence when the current passes are used or expire (whichever occurs sooner)

Pausing your pass: N/A

Early cancellation fee: £100

Notice period: 2 weeks prior to next billing cycle 

Cancellation process: Membership Termination Form

General: All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable and subject to the full Terms and Conditions. Class bookings are subject to the Booking and Cancellation Policy