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Tal Zalel

Tal first discovered yoga fifteen years ago when working as a gym instructor. At the time she enjoyed the stretching and relaxation benefits of yoga as a complement to her other workout routines, and practiced styles from ashtanga and hatha, to hot yoga.


As a result of continuing injuries from training and a particularly stressful time in her life, Tal became truly drawn and committed to yoga. She found it improved her strength and flexibility, but she also loved the philosophical and spiritual approach to the asana practice: whereby yoga becomes more than just a gym routine and a practice that can be applied to all facets of life.


Two years ago she discovered Hot Power Yoga, and fell in love with the athletic, demanding routine, coupled with creativity and spiritual teachings. After completing Hot Power Yoga’s 40 Days to Personal Transformation Programme, she decided to make a complete lifestyle change and leave an unsatisfying job in order to pursue a career in yoga and holistic therapy, where she could share the benefits of yoga and her enthusiasm for it.


Tal completed her first yoga teacher training programme in 2011 with Hot Power Yoga.


Tal’s aim is to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere whereby students feel free to be themselves. She wants her students to experience the full benefits that yoga can provide:  including stress relief, relaxation, improved mind-body awareness, and to be able to apply the teachings of yoga to help improve their daily lives off the mat.