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Yoga For Stress Relief

You would have to be a pretty unique human being to be immune to the effects of stress. Daily life, particularly in the bustle of London, takes its toll and it is only too easy to live in a constant state of (at least) low grade stress where adrenaline is the body’s fuel.

“Scientists know that psychological stress can affect the immune system, the body’s defense against infection and disease (including cancer)” National Cancer Institute

Living with ongoing stress can have a devastating effect on the immune and nervous system, and the full effects are still not yet fully understood.


Well, thank goodness for Hot Power Yoga! 


Our yoga classes will help you release stress on several levels:

  • The heat and stretching poses will bring movement and blood flow back into muscles which have been held in a state of tension. This brings oxygen and nourishment as well as helping to flush out toxins

  • Our tense muscles hold our emotions, and not just in the obvious places like our back and neck. You will find that Hot Power Yoga classes release both physical tension and the residue of unexpressed emotions throughout the body

  • By placing your focus on the yoga poses, you take it off whatever is stressing you out. This helps you leave your class feeling less stressed and more able to cope

  • Last, but by no means least, is the importance of breathing. Next time you are feeling stressed, take a moment to notice your breathing. Invariably it will be shallow and high in your chest, rather than deep and down to your belly. Even just a couple of full yogic breaths have a calming effect, so imagine what a whole class’s worth can do.


Better still, try as many classes as you like when you buy our 30 days for £40 unlimited pass and judge for yourself if you feel less stressed within your first month. 


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If you have any health issues or concerns we advise that you seek medical advice before practicing at Hot Power Yoga. All students enter a Hot Power Yoga class entirely at his/her own risk. Hot Power Yoga cannot accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage sustained as a consequence of an existing health condition or physical limitation. Students are responsible for monitoring his/her own physical condition throughout a class. In the event of any unusual symptoms occurring, the student should inform the class teacher immediately and seek medical advice.