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Become a HPY Hero

Donate your time to Hot Power Yoga and we’ll give it back to you in free class time.


We always need help cleaning and organising the mats, sweeping the floor between classes or leafleting the area.


If you’re happy to give your time, we’ll match it with class time and a big “thank you”.


Simply drop an email to


NB. Only non-members can be Heroes... Sorry.



Spread HPYness - review us!


If you like or (dare we say) love Hot Power Yoga, and our classes, workshops, teachers or programs have made a positive difference to you, then please share your HPYness with the world.


As a thank you we’ll give you Perkville Points. As soon as you attend a Hot Power Yoga Perkville will automatically contact you to activate your account.


And Perkville Points = HPY £.

  • Like us on Facebook - points are awarded automatically
  • Tweet about us - points are awarded automatically
  • Write a review on Yelp - just let us know you’ve done it and we’ll allocate your points
  • Blog about us - send us the link and we’ll allocate your points


Thank you for your support and we’re glad we made a difference to you :-)