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Thank you for helping us spread HPYness by recommending a Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training Program!


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Terms and Conditions:


- Referral fees are as follows: 200Hr Program (or 200Hr inc Foundations) £100, Foundations Program (only) £20, Assisting Program £30, Conversion Course £50 


- To receive the full Referral Fees, the Referee must be unknown to Hot Power Yoga and not have attended any classes prior to the above referral to Hot Power Yoga.

- The Referrer must introduce the Referee to HPY in advance of them participating in any class, course or programme with HPY. Forms submitted after a participant has signed up with HPY will not be accepted. 

- 50% of the above Referral Fees will apply where the Referee has previously attended sessions at Hot Power Yoga but has not done so for at least 6 months.


- The Referral Fees will be paid to the Referrer upon the Referee completing the Program.


- The fee applies to the Referee’s first booking only and no fees will be paid for any subsequent programs the Referee attends.


- The Referee's first booking must be made within 3 months of the submission of this form in order to qualify the Referrer for their Referral Fee.


- Referral Fees will be paid directly on to the Referrers HPY account, or by bank transfer to their personal account.