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Become a Confident and Magnetic Yoga Teacher that Inspires Students and Changes Lives


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Do you want more?

Do you feel your life could be much more fulfilling or that you're somehow stuck?

Are you not fully expressing who you really are or living at less than your potential?


You’re not alone.


Like outdated software, we all run on beliefs we form - about ourselves and the world around us – when we are children. As we grow older, we experience life through the filter of these beliefs. And whilst they serve to protect us, they also drain us of our energy, self-trust, confidence and potential.


Our 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Programme will show you how the physical practice of yoga and its philosophical teachings can bring you a sense of freedom and ease. In just 5 weeks you'll rediscover who you really are and find freedom from the stories and beliefs that have been holding you back for years.


Imagine what it would be like to say yes to opportunities and live life fully without letting fears and doubts hold you back, and how amazing it would be to inspire other people to do the same.

Change your life and inspire others


We have trained countless yoga teachers who now teach and inspire lives privately, and in health clubs and reputable studios throughout London and Europe.


We also have graduates who have successfully established their own businesses, as well as those who continue in their current careers but with greater confidence, creativity and leadership skills.


See a new you in just 5 weeks

Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training Teach 3

Over the course of the Programme you will gain:

  • A new depth to your physical yoga practice – greater flexibility and strength, a greater awareness of alignment and how to shift your own energy

  • A freedom to live and teach powerfully – go beyond your fears and see your communication and leadership skills, and confidence, grow exponentially

  • A connection to your purpose and yourself – find the reason that will get you jumping out of bed daily

  • Friends for life and a community of like-minded people who will love you without judgement and give you support 

Don’t Just Teach. Teach Powerfully


You will learn much more than simply being able to call out postures. You will graduate with:


  • An in-demand qualification that will allow you to register with Yoga Alliance US (International) as a 200Hr certified yoga teacher - establish a fulfilling new career, a supplementary income or simply a new way of living... anywhere in the world

  • The technical skills to lead a challenging and effective yoga class – you’ll be shocked how quickly you are able to lead a group of people and skillfully adapt your teaching to their needs

  • The ability to read the energetics of a class and use your teaching skills to mold and hold energy

  • The ability to see and read bodies and relate this to anatomy - identify alignment capabilities and restrictions, body strengths and weaknesses

  • The ability to transform someone’s practice through basic assisting techniques 

  • A contemporary understanding of ancient Yogic philosophy and how it applies to both your own life, and your students’ lives, today 

  • The confidence to express yourself and teach from an authentic place that connects with your students and has them coming back for more 
Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training high five 

Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training talking



What 200Hr graduates say:

“A truly transformational experience, and a deep all round presentation into the teachings of Yoga, amazing” – Jamie

“Before teacher training I was stuck in a rut. My life was out of balance, listless. The programme has refocused my mind and centred me. My heart is stronger and I’ve never felt fitter. I have more direction in my work and more love and joy in my life. The programme has quite literally blown my mind wide open. I feel that I have limitless potential in all areas of my life” – Stevie Jamieson

“I had so many breakthroughs…opening my heart has created so much space and ease. My practice has improved so much and I have more confidence in myself and more awareness of my reactions to others” – Maxine Calleja

“We were given powerful tools to deal with our problems and were encouraged to start using them there and then. My life started to change straight away… I feel great and ready to start living life more fully and share it with others.” – Dasha Kotrbova

“I went in to it knowing it would be a transformational journey but it completely smashed my expectations. I have amazing tools to live an authentic life, to dare to live from the heart and be open and free… I have confidence now that I can teach powerful classes. I feel so much more confident and free in myself… It has been incredible!” – Hannie Lyngved

“I am so happy I chose this teacher training. It exceeded my expectations… I have learned so much about myself and I will cherish this forever. The training gave me more confidence and strength. I feel amazing and believe anything is possible” – Esther Sangkop

“Life changing and life saving. I have renewed faith in myself and a whole new outlook on life. It means all of the problems that seemed so huge and impossible are now small and manageable. Say ‘yes’ – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!” – Tom Barber

“It’s a very rounded course in a very non-conventional way… The connections made between ancient philosophy and contemporary lifestyle / teaching is pure gold” – Tanya Buck

“It’s life changing. I couldn’t recommend it more. Everyone should do this course! It will benefit everyone!” – Lucy Honey

“If you had told me at the beginning how I would be now, I would not have believed the level of growth could be possible.” - Gilly Collins

“To be completely honest the training was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. It has opened my mind and heart and I feel empowered by the experience.” - Katie

"It was such an amazing experience. I'd do it again in a heartbeat... Mind blowing and amazing." - Heidi

“This program had everything I had expected and more... A lot of the mystery surrounding yoga and teaching was delivered perfectly and very much in the style of the life we live in now and letting us see it for ourselves from our own experience of life” - Maria Kerewaro

Here’s what you’ll get 

"Our mission is both teaching yoga and helping you unlock your potential, and all aspects of the training are fed by this intention." - Dylan Ayaloo 


(Founder of Hot Power Yoga and Lead Facilitator of Teacher Training Programmes)

Our 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Programme has a strong technical and practical emphasis which will leave you confident in your ability to teach a Hot Power Yoga class.


The learning is highly experiential and you will be taken beyond the limits of where you believe you can go, to free both the powerful yoga teacher and individual within you.


To guarantee you get the maximum benefit from your training, all 200 hours are contact hours and any reading time or projects are in addition.


Programme Content



Hot Power Yoga Assana workshop
Hot Power Yoga - meditating & pranay
Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training Transformation
Hot Power Yoga Assisting Course Hips copy
 Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training Teach1
 Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training Breathe
 Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training alignment
 Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training study

Asana practice and postural workshops


- Daily classes - your personal practice will grow exponentially and you will experience physical transformation and deep connection to your body

- Learn key principles of asanas as well as foundational principles of yoga practice

- Posture workshops will develop your understanding of alignment, and the physical and energetic benefits of postures

- You will learn there is no such thing as a perfect pose, and that different body sizes and shapes will express poses differently. You’ll learn how to use props and adjustments accordingly



- The importance of breath and how it shapes our energy levels in each moment

- Discover how to direct your breath and energy and to use it as a tool to influence your own state, and how to teach this to others




- Through daily practice you will discover meditation as a tool to clear your mind in order to make space for growth


Yoga History and Philosophy


- Experience the texts of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita blended with contemporary transformational principles to discover a ‘blue-print’ for powerful modern living


Transformation and self enquiry


- Gain a framework of yoga-based principles that provides a potent yet accessible template for being a powerful yoga teacher and human being

- Reconnect with yourself and discover who you really are and what your purpose is

- Receive individual coaching - see your blindspots and breakthrough the limiting beliefs that prevent you from reaching your true potential and finding happiness


Functional Anatomy - 2 Day Workshop with Jambo Truong


- Learn anatomy that is relevant and valuable to your teaching and to your understanding of your students’ bodies

- Discover key postural muscles and how to identify and test them, and experience how to build strength and flexibility in these muscles using yoga poses


Class sequencing and planning


- Learn a base sequence which provides a template upon which creativity and individuality can flourish

- Use Ayurvedic principles to assess the energy in the room and gain tools to adapt the sequence in order to mold energy to suit seasons, time of day and the needs of the class


Practice teaching


- Teach from day 1 in a supportive environment in which it is OK to make mistakes and get messy. By taking this step early it creates space for you to learn and grow, and creates a foundation from which you can rapidly grow in confidence

- Teach real customers in our studio Community Classes after just 9 days

Voice, presence and influence

- Students collectively need to feel safe, secure and supported, but also that you are simultaneously speaking to them individually. You will develop confidence, presence and the ability to influence individuals and groups in both a heartfelt and effective way

Hands-On Assisting

- Assisting is an essential skill as a teacher and develops your understanding of the capabilities of different body types

- We offer a separate full assisting course, but the 200Hr Programme will equip you with the skills and confidence to assist whilst teaching


Business of yoga

- Leading others starts with being responsible for yourself. Learn how to be a leader in the classroom, your community and life, and see how the principles of yoga can be applied to your business

- Discover how Hot Power Yoga was built from just an idea and intention and how you can do this too

“To be completely honest the training was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. It has opened my mind and heart and I feel empowered by the experience.” - Katie


Course Structure and location


Our course spans 5 weeks and is split in to 3 sections. This structure provides the continuity and intensity required for rapid learning and growth, whilst also allowing you to integrate your new perspectives in to your normal life, and bring any issues back in to the programme for support and coaching.

Unlike many 200Hr Programmes, all 200 hours are contacts hours. Any reading, assignments or study takes place in your own time. 


Oct 2016 and Feb 2017 Programmes:

9 day intensive – Saturday to following Sunday, 8am – 6pm

2 x weekends – 8am – 7pm

9 day intensive - Saturday to following Sunday, 8am – 6pm (Saturdays finish at 7pm)


Location – Clapham, South London. 

Yoga Alliance





Hot Power Yoga Flip

Hot Power Yoga style


Hot Power Yoga combines the modern alignment principles and therapeutic aspects of Forrest Yoga with the flow, breath and athleticism of Power Vinyasa. It is a style that recognizes individual differences and encourages growth – physically, mentally and emotionally, on and off the mat.


Whilst the HPY studio is heated to 28-32 degrees, the style can practiced equally well in cool studios. It is a playful practice that promotes a real connection to the wisdom of the body. Classes are not scripted and teachers are trained to bring their own essence and personality to their classes to build connection with and between students.


Ultimately, the aim of Hot Power Yoga is to create a feeling of freedom, flow, personal power and contentedness – a feeling we call HPYness.




All our Teacher Training Programmes are lead and overseen by Dylan Ayaloo – Founder of Hot Power Yoga.

 Dylan presents the ancient philosophies and teachings of yoga in a modern and accessible form that creates programmes which are challenging, well-informed, fun, sometimes a little unconventional, and certainly life-changing. 

Dylan Ayaloo

Malaysian-born Dylan comes from a background of martial arts at Olympic standard. He discovered yoga at a time when his body called for a greater sense of natural well-being and healing from the years of full impact sport and the resulting injuries. 


Dylan's story is truly inspiring to anyone who has experienced a sense of feeling stuck in their career: he walked away from a successful but unfulfilled corporate role in Australia - where meditation and yoga provided his only respite - to create a new life sharing his love of yoga on the other side of the world.


Dylan has practiced various styles of yoga, but fell in love with Power Vinyasa, in which he trained in Australia and the US. He went on to assist in over 2000 hours of intensive yoga teacher training around the globe. He is one of the UK's most senior Baptiste trained Power Vinyasa teachers, and was one of the first to bring Power Vinyasa Yoga to England. 


Having trained in transformation and personal growth coaching with London’s Concord Institute, Anthony Robbins and Chloe Madanes, Dylan brings a level or support and compassion to his coaching that is both highly effective and unique.

 Dylan is a powerful coach and facilitator with a particular skill in guiding students to connect with their purpose, believe their potential and realise it.

Dylan Ayaloo Yoga Assisting
Sandra Heider at Hot Power Yoga_copy  

Sandra Heider

Sandra, MA, MA, is a Forrest Yoga Mentor and Europe’s only Forrest Guardian. She has been assisting Ana Forrest at her workshops and teacher trainings since 2009 and also has a background in Ashtanga and Jivamukti.


Sandra’s interest and expertise lies in finding the integration between spirituality, psychotherapy and physical practices.

At the heart of her teachings lies the assumption that we need to return to our bodies and to feeling in order to experience peace, acceptance and self-love, which in turn will lay the foundation for genuine relationships with other people.

As well as being the owner of 2 successful studios, Sandra recently completed her 5 year studies in body psychotherapy at CBPC in Cambridge (UK). 

Jambo Truong


Ted-Talker Jambo Truong is Consultant of Integrated Health with special interests in Classical East-Asian Medicine, Functional Anatomy, Applied Kinesiology and acupuncture.


His expertise in relation to yoga has lead him to facilitate specialist workshops in the area of Functional Anatomy. Jambo was invited to join Forrest Yoga Hoop of Mentor Guardian Teachers and has been travelling assistant to Ana Forrest for the previous 4 years. 


Jambo's passion is in proving why what we do in yoga poses & pranayama work. He sits on the Council for Yoga Alliance UK (Yoga Therapy) & various boards for HIV, Hepatitis C & Substance Mis-Use.


He established an organisation that specialises in yoga for addiction, chronic pain & trauma, and is currently supervising researchers connected to University of Northumbria and Cape Town.


His 2-day Functional Anatomy workshop is integrated in to the Hot Power Yoga 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training, but is also available as a standalone workshop for RYT200 Teachers.

Hot Power Yoga Anatomy Jambo Truong copy

Programme Cost & Timings

200Hr Programme Timings



How to Apply

February 2017 Programme

9 days 11/02 – 19/02 8am – 6pm

W/e 1 25/02 – 26/02 
8am – 7pm

W/e 2 04/03 – 05/03 
8am – 7pm

9 days 11/03 – 19/03 8am – 6pm

(Saturdays finish 7pm)

Refundable Application Fee


1. Submit your application to tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to do the course

2. When you submit your application you'll be prompted to pay your £100 Application Fee. This will be refunded if your application is not accepted

3. We'll get in contact to arrange a interview with Dylan Ayaloo so that you can get to know him and ask any questions you have

4. Upon acceptance, pay your deposit to hold your space on the programme. At this point your payments become non-refundable

5. Pay your remaining fee by 1 week before your programme starts.



Tuition Fee


Total Fee



Start loving the life you live now

Apply now and start your incredible yoga teacher training journey.

  • Grow your yoga practice exponentially
  • Free yourself from negative belief systems
  • Gain confidence
  • Realise your potential and find your purpose

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No risk application.

Submit your Application now.
You'll be asked to pay a £100 application fee which is fully refundable if you're not successful.


Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never practiced Hot Power Yoga. What can I do to try a class?

Trying a class is a great idea. Come to our Clapham Studio, or fill in the form at the top of the page and we'll send you a Free mp3 of a class.

I don't want to teach. Is this course right for me?

Many participants start a teacher training with a hunger to grow their practice and learn more about the depths of yoga but no desire to teach.

By graduation, these same people are often the most passionate about sharing their knowledge so that other people can experience the same benefits they have.

Even if you currently don’t think you want to teach, we recommend you choose a programme that will train you to be the best yoga teacher you can be, and that'll give you skills and confidence you can take in to your life... Whilst also giving you the learnings and yogic experiences you seek.

That way, if you do change your mind, you won’t have any regrets about the course you chose.

I’m not sure my practice is good enough. How can I find out?

Despite our yoga practice being quite an athletic style, we’re not all about fancy poses. To be an amazing yoga teacher you need to be able to relate to your students and their experience on the mat.

Being body aware and able to translate instructions in to movement is more important than being able to get your foot behind your head.

If you’re worried, send us a 10 minute video from your mobile phone showing us your practice, and we’ll let you know if you’re ready.

And if you’re injured, don’t worry. Often our injuries are our biggest gifts in term of learning to practice safely and in a way that supports and strengthens our bodies where they need it.

What’s the structure of an average day?

Although each day will vary, most days will include:

  • Morning pranayama and meditation
  • Practical session e.g. posture workshops, assisting
  • Lecture e.g. chakras, yoga philosophy
  • Check-ins – to see where you’re at, review learnings and get clarification or coaching where you need it
  • Practice teaching sessions
  • Lunch and energy breaks

I don’t have the money now but I want to do the course. What can I do?

Don’t let finances stop you! Where there is a will there is a way and we can help make it easy for you. We offer bespoke payment plans which allow you to save your money with us, and spread your payment over whatever period you need up to 12 months.

Simply tick the box at the bottom of the application form which asks if you’d like a bespoke payment plan.


I work full time. Isn’t a course that spreads over the whole year better for me?

Like planning having a child, we always think we can’t find the time to fit something in until we do. Whilst spreading the course across a year may feel more manageable it can be harder to maintain your motivation as it can feel you’re losing your spare time for month upon month.

We believe that with intensity comes an immersion in learning which gives greater opportunity to keep building knowledge. With a course that is spread out there is a greater need for reviewing and going back over previous ground.

Most of our participants work full time and our course structure requires a maximum of 10 working days (Mon-Fri), leaving many people with another 3 weeks of holiday time to spend as they wish.

I’m not based in South London, where can I stay?

We have a list of recommended Air B’n’B hosts you can stay with in the local area and some of our graduates also rent their spare rooms. Staying with a graduate is a fantastic option as they understand the programme and what you’ll be experiencing.

Just ask for a list once you’ve signed up.

I want to be immersed in my yoga teacher training. Aren’t tropical residential trainings a better option?

Beaches are all well and good but knowledge and practical experience are power. Teaching yoga is both a gift and a big responsibility and you really don’t want to graduate from a programme that hasn’t adequately prepared you to handle its challenges.

You’ll also be immersed in a yoga bubble’ during your training, but it can be painful when it bursts. We advise you don’t choose a training based upon its palm trees and sunsets, but how well it will equip you to be able to teach and live a powerful life.

I think I want to have the ‘Indian Experience’. Won’t I miss that if I do your programme?

This is really a question of what you want from your training. Many ‘traditional’ trainings are heavy on lectures and exploring the ancient yoga texts and philosophies. Also, the traditional teaching style is very different to those popular in the West.

Is your biggest priority being confident and able to teach in a way that will gain you employment, or having a cultural experience? Neither is wrong or right but be clear on what you want the outcome to be, and choose your training accordingly.

Still not sure we're the right school for you?

Fill in the form at the top of the page and we’ll send you our guide on “How to Choose a Yoga Teacher Training School”. 

We would rather you go with a school that meets your needs than choose us when we’re not right for you. If you’re ready, click on the “Apply Now” button below.

Start loving the life you live now

Apply now and start your incredible yoga teacher training journey

  • Grow your yoga practice exponentially
  • Free yourself from negative belief systems
  • Gain confidence
  • Realise your potential and find your purpose
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No risk application.
Submit your Application now.
You'll be asked to pay a £100 application fee which is fully refundable if you're not successful.

Hot Power Yoga reserve the right to change programme content, location and supporting Facilitators at any time.