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Are you tired of feeling tired?

Are your muscles tight and painful… especially the ones in your back and neck?

Are you yearning for some mental space?

Would you love to let go of it all and feel energised and amazing?


Try Hot Power Yoga in Clapham and see how your body and mind transform.

We offer a modern, physical and dynamic style of heated yoga that works your muscles to build strength whilst stretching and releasing them. We break some of the traditional rules of yoga so that we can focus on the issues created by a 21st Century London lifestyle - like tight shoulder and neck muscles, and hips that are used to sitting at a desk for 8+ hours a day.

We create a down-to-earth, fun environment where you can forget your mobile phone and stresses and focus on breathing and your body.

"Great classes, great teachers all with a personality and different style. It's not showy or flashy it's just solid yoga. I always feel challenged and look forward to the classes! Thank you." - EJ






 30 Days Unlimited Yoga

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Expert yoga tuition in a warm and friendly atmosphere


Classes for all abilities - choose from Beginners or All Levels

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Build strength and develop flexibility

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Find relief from stress and tension 

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Attend as many classes as you like Mon-Sun, 60, 75 and 90 min


Yoga blocks and straps included

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Upgrade to an Unlimited Yoga Pass and only pay the difference


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30 Days Unlimited

* Prices calculated on the basis of 4.33 weeks in a month.    

Find Hot Power Yoga at 2 Clapham Locations


Clapham Common Yoga Location

Hot Power Yoga at Lambeth College, Clapham Common

45 Clapham Common South Side, Clapham SW4 9BL

- Weekday evening and weekend classes
- 8 mins walk from Clapham Common tube
- Male and female toilets, changing and showers
- Free on street parking after 6.30pm Mon - Fri, and weekends.

Clapham North Yoga Location

Hot Power Yoga at Balance Physio, Clapham North

113 Gauden Road, Clapham SW4 6LE

- 6.30am and 12.30pm weekdays
- Male and female changing and showers
- 1 minute walk from Clapham North tube
- Free parking Mon - Fri for 6.30am classes.



What Our Customers Say About Us

"As someone who is completely new to yoga I've found the experience very easy to settle into so far and have felt very welcome from the get go. I know a lot of people who like the idea of trying yoga so couldn't think of a better place to try out the experience." - HM
"Friendly and confident teachers. Good atmosphere. Overall, my favourite yoga in London!" JB
"Hands down the best yoga class I have attended in my life to date. I cannot recommend it enough."Project Hot B*tch




FAQ's About The Yoga

How hot is the yoga room?

The rooms are heated to around 25-28 degrees so it's like a British Summer day rather than the 40 degrees of 'Bikram-style Hot' Yoga. The reason for this is because you'll move more. Power Yoga is physical and we build a lot of heat through movement. We use the warmth to make it more comfortable and so you can go deeper in to your stretches sooner, but we make sure you're warm from the inside too. High room temperatures create a false sense of intensity and can also make you think your body is ready to go deep in to stretches when it isn't.


Do I need to be flexible?


Nope. In fact that's one of the main reasons people come. Your flexibility will increase the more often you practice, and you'll start to feel more free in your body.

Is Hot Power Yoga a good supplement to other sports?


Very much so. Hot Power Yoga will help you gain more flexibility throughout your body including in your spine, hips and shoulders, so you'll find you become more agile. It will also help you improve your lung capacity and regulate your breathing - which is great for endurance. Unlike gym exercises which tend to work muscles in a linear way and shorten them, yoga strengthens and lengthens muscles simultaneously, which makes you less prone to injury. 


I have a bad back, can I do Hot Power Yoga?


Yes you can but you need to be careful about how you practice. Talk to us about what's going on in your back and we'll give you specific tips about how to make your yoga practice work for you and help heal you.

Is Hot Power Yoga suitable for men as well as women?


Absolutely. Whatever your sex, size, weight, age or level of yoga experience, you're welcome. We encourage you to have fun and do the best you can rather than expect you to get your foot behind your head.


Will Hot Power Yoga help me with stress relief?


Most definitely. We focus a lot on breathing which is a key part of managing stress. The class is also like a moving meditation so your focus will switch away from the things that are stressing you out, to being in your body and releasing tension. Your yoga mat is also a great place to get perspective, to let go of stuff and realise things aren't so bad after all. It's quite magical like that!


I'm injured, can I practice Hot Power Yoga?


Many people start practicing yoga when they're injured and its a great way to rehabilitate and rebuild strength. The way you practice is really important so ask us for some tips on adjustments you should make.

Does Hot Power Yoga have a fixed sequence like Bikram or other Hot Yoga?

Actually no. We think people need a bit more variety than that. Also some days the class is more sluggish or stressed out so we adapt the classes so suit the mood and energy of the people in the class. We'll always take you on a physical and energetic journey though, so you release some stuff and feel more balanced.



FAQ's About How Things Work


What do I wear for heated yoga?

Girls tend to wear leggings and a workout bra or top. Guys wear leggings or shorts, and sometimes a t-shirt or vest. The main thing is that you're comfortable to move and don't make any surprise revelations i.e. guys, make sure your shorts are lined or you wear some under-shorts ;)

What happens after my Introductory Offer


We'd love you to continue to practice yoga with us and offer a range of memberships and passes for both regular and more occasional users.


When does my Unlimited Pass start? 

Your 30 or 60 Day Unlimited Pass starts when you attend your first class. You have 1 month to start attending from the day you purchase.


Do I need to bring my own mat?


No. We rent mats for £1 or you can bring your own. We also rent towels and provide blocks and straps for free. 

Do you have showers at your Clapham venues?


Yes, both venues have male and female showers.

Can I upgrade my pass?


Yes. If you want to try a drop-in before you buy the 30 or 60 day unlimited pass, that's fine. If you decide you like it and want to upgrade, make sure you tell us straight after class and you'll only pay the difference. Otherwise, the Unlimited Passes are for new customers only.








30 Days Unlimited


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*The serious stuff:
Unlimited Introductory Passes are only available to new students. 1 Intro Pass per customer. 1st class must be attended within 1 month of purchase. No refunds or transfers.