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Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers

With Jambo Truong

As a yoga teacher an understanding of functional anatomy is critical to being able to identify weak and under-functioning muscles and which yoga poses to use to engage them, build strength and flexibility.

This 2 day experiential learning course focuses on the 12 structural muscles that protect the spine and hold the skeleton in place.

These structural muscles are underused in our modern day living and underworked in most of our physical activity, yet have a huge relationship to the nervous system and functional movement.

By gaining a full understanding of anatomy you will be better placed to support your students and grow their practice.

  • Understand what these key muscles do, how they interact, and how pain and injury can result when they’re not functioning properly

  • In yourself and with partners, identify, examine and test these key muscles for function or weakness

  • Experience using these muscles in poses - Learn how to activate them and improve their flexibility through yoga

  • Experience how to ntegrate cues to activate the muscles in to your yoga teaching

Jambo Truong

Ted-Talker Jambo Truong is Consultant of Integrated Health with special interests in Classical East-Asian Medicine, Functional Anatomy, Applied Kinesiology and acupuncture.

Jambo has been teaching functional anatomy for various bodywork & yoga programs & prefers experiential learning. He has been invited to join Forrest Yoga Hoop of Mentor Guardian Teachers and has been travelling assistant to Ana Forrest for the previous 4 years. 

Jambo's passion is in proving why what we do in yoga poses & pranayama work. He sits on the Council for Yoga Alliance UK (Yoga Therapy) & various boards for HIV, Hepatitis C & Substance Mis-Use.

He established an organisation that specialises in yoga for addiction, chronic pain & trauma, and is currently supervising researchers connected to University of Northumbria and Cape Town.

This 2-day workshop is integrated in to the Hot Power Yoga 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training and participants from this training will be present. 

See Jambo Truong's TedX Newcastle talk

Learn how to identify muscle weaknesses or disfunction, and try poses which build strength and flexibility.



Clapham, London


8am - 6pm


19 - 20th Oct 2016