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Yoga Classes for £40*

Increase your flexibility and strength, and reduce stress. Attend as many classes as you like at our Clapham locations for 30 days and see how different you feel.

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Welcome to Hot Power Yoga

If you’re new to yoga, what we do is probably different to what you’re expecting…

It isn’t slow and sleepy. Hot Power Yoga is a modern, athletic and flowing style (power vinyasa actually) that works for modern people with modern lifestyles.

It’s for boys as well as girls - both find it challenging, toning and stress-relieving

You don’t have to be flexible, but you’ll find it improves your flexibility and helps release tension

You don’t have to be strong, but with regular practice you’ll gain strength throughout your body, not just the bits you work on in the gym!

You’ll sweat – sweating carries toxins out of your body and the heat means you can get deeper into your stretches sooner and more safely. Our venues are heated to around 25°C so it’s like a warm sunny day in England, not India

Genuine weight loss – with some hot yoga most of the weight you’ll lose is in water. Our temperature is cooler so you can work harder, meaning you burn off calories, not just fluid

Manage stress – stress and anxiety = shallow breathing = more stress and anxiety.
We’ll help you rediscover the full extent of your lungs and show you just how revolutionary deep breathing can be for your physical and emotional wellbeing, particularly your stress and anxiety levels

• Perform better in other sports - you’ll find you improve muscle flexibility and strength all over your body, as well as increasing your breathing capacity and regulation… which means you can go harder and stronger for longer, whatever you do ; )

Life’s too serious. We’re not – we like you to have fun and let go. Our classes are a place you can leave your mental stresses, tight muscles and anything fake behind

Variety – our teachers don’t teach from a script and are encouraged to be as individual as you are. Whilst our classes follow a certain familiar structure, the teacher has the freedom to change poses, which keeps things more interesting for you

Everyone starts knowing nothing – yoga virgins are welcome and we have a specific Beginners Workshop and Classes.


"Hands down the best yoga class I have attended in my life to date. I cannot recommend it enough."Project Hot B*tch

30 Days Unlimited Yoga for £40

  • Attend as many classes as you like at our Clapham Locations: Balance Physio at Clapham North and Lambeth College at Clapham Common
  • Choose from classes 7 days per week
  • Beginners’ and ‘All levels’ classes included
  • Classes from 6.30am until late evening
  • Your pass starts from your first class. Buy now and start anytime in the next 3 months
  • All passes are valid for any Hot Power Yoga class at all locations

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Your 30 days starts with your 1st class

"Friendly and confident teachers. Good atmosphere. Both venues are comfortable for busy classes. Overall, my favourite yoga in London!" JB


Hot Power Yoga is currently based in 2 Clapham locations. 30 Day Unlimited Passes are valid in both venues.

Weekday mornings Balance Physio Clapham North
Weekday lunchtimes Balance Physio Clapham North
Weekday evenings Lambeth College Clapham Common
Weekends Balance Physio Clapham North

"As someone who is completely new to yoga I've found the experience very easy to settle into so far and have felt very welcome from the get go and I know a lot of people who like the idea of trying yoga so couldn't think of a better place to try out the experience." - HM


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Clapham Yoga Locations

Hot Power Yoga at Balance Physio - Clapham North

113 Gauden Road, Clapham SW4 6LE

- 6.30am and 12.30pm weekdays, and weekend classes
- Male and female changing and showers
- 1 minute walk from Clapham North tube
- Free parking Mon - Fri for 6.30am classes, and all day on weekends


Hot Power Yoga at Lambeth College - Clapham Common

45 Clapham Common South Side, Clapham SW4 9BL

- Weekday evening classes
- 8 mins walk from Clapham Common tube
- Male and female toilets, changing and showers
- Free on street parking after 6.30pm, Mon - Fri

Have a question or need help?

Call or drop us a text on 07 872 122 842, or email

*The serious stuff:
Unlimited Introductory Pass is only available to new students. 1 Intro Pass per customer. 1st class must be attended within 3 months of purchase. No refunds or transfers.