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The Hot Power Yoga Teachers and team rock!

Our Hot Power Yoga teaching team are trained in-house and are amongst some of the best Power Vinyasa yoga teachers in London.
They are passionate, committed and down-to-earth and will guide you through a challenging and invigorating power yoga practice which speaks to your body and mind. 
Thee guys don't read from scripts! Their technical knowledge of yoga postures is outstanding, but they also bring their own personalities and desire to share their lives' learnings. They are sensitive to our students and create a unique experience in every yoga class.

Dylan Ayaloo - Founder and Trainer of Teachers

Jess Campbell - Teacher

Gosia Federowicz - Teacher

Priya Nath - Teacher

Jessica Hatfield - Teacher & Customer HPYness Adviser
Anne-Marie Pearson - Teacher

Benedita Sousa - Teacher 
Kath Simpson - Teacher

Ian Boylin - Teacher
Letty Mitchell - Teacher
Xavi Monreal - Teacher
Ellika Benn - Teacher

Vanessa Dietzel - Teacher