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200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Program - October 2016
Starts 15th October

More Than Just a Yoga Teacher Training

The Hot Power Yoga 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Program will not only train you to be an outstanding yoga teacher. It will also show you how the physical practice of yoga and its philosophical teachings can help unlock your potential.

Our transformation coaching will squash your limiting beliefs and open the door to a sense of freedom and ease… and your unlimited power as a yoga teacher and human being.

What You'll Gain in Just 5 Weeks

Skyrocket Your Physical Yoga Practice

Gain a new depth to your physical yoga practice - greater flexibility and strength, a greater awareness of alignment, and little-known techniques that make difficult poses achievable. Do the poses you've always dreamed of doing: Wheels, handstands, arm balances - you've got it!

Graduate Ready To Teach

You'll teach everyday starting on day 1, so you'll gain both technical teaching skills and confidence rapidly. You'll also teach real paying customers whilst in training. No teacher training better equips you to actually teach yoga.


Boost Your Energy and Emotions

Discover how to change your own energy and emotions using tools such as your breath, yoga poses and mental focus. Feel more energised and grounded than you've ever felt.

Discover Your Leadership Skills

Gain the technical skills to lead a challenging and effective yoga class that de-stresses and energises your students - you'll be amazed how quickly you're able to lead a group of people and skillfully adapt your teaching to their needs.

Yogi Philosophy Tools For Life

Get an understanding of ancient Yogic philosophy that won't wrap your brain in knots and gives you simple tools and exercises that you can apply to your life, forever.

Grow in Confidence

Develop a genuine confidence to live and teach powerfully - go beyond your fears and see your communication, influence and leadership skills grow beyond your expectations. Your friends, family and colleagues will notice how differently you show up, even during the course.

Connect To Your Purpose

Find a connection to your purpose - discover the reason that'll get you jumping out of bed and give you the juice to keep you going through challenges.

Friends For Life

You'll join a community of like-minded powerful yoga teachers who will love you even when you're not at your best, and give you unconditional support.

A World Recognised Qualification200RYS25in300

When you graduate you can register with Yoga Alliance US which is the World's most recognised standard in yoga teaching. This is the standard that yoga studios, spas, gyms and health clubs worldwide look for.


Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training discussion Hot Power Yoga Teacher taining demo 16_TeacherTraining Hot Power Yoga Assisting Course - bridge

What Graduates Say


A truly transformational experience, and a deep all round presentation into the teachings of Yoga, amazing” – Jamie

Before teacher training I was stuck in a rut. My life was out of balance, listless. The programme has refocused my mind and centred me. My heart is stronger and I’ve never felt fitter. I have more direction in my work and more love and joy in my life. The programme has quite literally blown my mind wide open. I feel that I have limitless potential in all areas of my life” – Stevie Jamieson

“I had so many breakthroughs…opening my heart has created so much space and ease. My practice has improved so much and I have more confidence in myself and more awareness of my reactions to others” – Maxine Calleja

“We were given powerful tools to deal with our problems and were encouraged to start using them there and then. My life started to change straight away… I feel great and ready to start living life more fully and share it with others.” – Dasha Kotrbova

“I went in to it knowing it would be a transformational journey but it completely smashed my expectations. I have amazing tools to live an authentic life, to dare to live from the heart and be open and free… I have confidence now that I can teach powerful classes. I feel so much more confident and free in myself… It has been incredible!” – Hannie Lyngved

I am so happy I chose this teacher training. It exceeded my expectations… I have learned so much about myself and I will cherish this forever. The training gave me more confidence and strength. I feel amazing and believe anything is possible” – Esther Sangkop

"Life changing and life saving. I have renewed faith in myself and a whole new outlook on life. It means all of the problems that seemed so huge and impossible are now small and manageable. Say ‘yes’ – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!” – Tom Barber

“It’s a very rounded course in a very non-conventional way… The connections made between ancient philosophy and contemporary lifestyle / teaching is pure gold”
– Tanya Buck

October 2016 Program

Dates & Timings:

9 days 15/10 – 23/10 8am – 6pm

W/e 1 29/10 – 30/10 
8am – 7pm

W/e 2 05/11 – 06/11 
8am – 7pm

9 days 12/11 – 20/11 8am – 6pm

(Saturdays finish 7pm)


Cove Studio at Plough Studios, 9 Park Hill

Clapham, London SW4 9NS

8 mins walk from Clapham Common Tube


Application fee              £100

(payable on application and fully refunded if you are not accepted)

Deposit                           £400
(payable within 1 week of acceptance after interview)

Tuition                             £2,400
(due by 7/10/2016)

Total                             £2,900



Our Commitment to You


  • You’ll receive modern content presented in an accessible way. There’s no chance of you being tied up in knots by the ancient scripts or academic jargon

  • You’ll learn advanced yoga teaching content in simple ways you can apply. You’ll gain a teaching toolkit packed with techniques and skills you can pull out whenever you need them, and the judgment to know what to pull out when

  • You’ll gain some of the best friends of your life and a bigger community of powerful like-minded yoga teachers

  • I - Dylan Ayaloo - will be with you throughout the entire journey – as your facilitator, coach and cheerleader. If ever you doubt yourself, I’ll believe in you and help you get though it

  • When you leave the programme, you stay part of the LLiV family. We offer further opportunities for you to develop your teaching skills or your yoga business

  • Many programmes don’t give you the chance to teach, leaving graduates feeling nervous and unprepared. You’ll teach everyday of your training including real paying customers. No programme will prepare you better for professional teaching

  • This is a practical programme where you apply and experience your learnings repeatedly, so they stick. This is not a programme of lectures, theory and hypothetical scenarios which you never actually go through

  • Many other yoga teachers graduate knowing a single fixed class sequence that leaves no room for creativity or self expression. You’ll know how to vary your sequences intelligently and adapt your teaching to your students, whatever their level or body size and shape

  • Some training courses are like school, with programme time spent reading books or writing essays. With us, all the 200 hours you’ve paid for will be contact hours. You shouldn’t pay for time you spend with your head in a book!

  • There is no chance of you returning back to your life unchanged. You’ll leave feeling more purposeful and passionate, with a different perspective and with solid skills and tools you can apply to every situation, every day, in your teaching or life

World Class Facilitators

Dylan Ayaloo Yoga Assisting

Lead Facilitator and Founder of Hot Power Yoga - Dylan Ayaloo


Malaysian-born Dylan comes from a background of martial arts at Olympic standard. He discovered yoga at a time when his body called for a greater sense of natural well-being and healing from the years of full impact sport and the resulting injuries. 

He has practiced various styles of yoga, but fell in love with Power Vinyasa and Forrest Yoga, in which he trained in Australia, the UK and US. He went on to assist in over 2000 hours of intensive yoga teacher training around the globe before founding Hot Power Yoga in 2008. He is one of the UK's most senior Baptiste trained Power Vinyasa teachers, and was one of the first to bring Power Vinyasa Yoga to England. 

Having trained in transformation and personal growth coaching with London’s Concord Institute, Anthony Robbins and Chloe Madanes, Dylan brings a level or support and compassion to his coaching that is both highly effective and unique. Dylan is a powerful coach and facilitator with a particular skill in guiding students to connect with their purpose, believe their potential and realise it.


Anatomy Facilitator - Jambo Truong

Ted-Talker Jambo Truong is a Consultant of Integrated Health with special interests in Classical East-Asian Medicine, Functional Anatomy, Applied Kinesiology and acupuncture.

His expertise in relation to yoga has lead him to facilitate specialist workshops in the area of Functional Anatomy. Jambo is Forrest Yoga’s 2nd European Guardian and has been travelling assistant to Ana Forrest for the previous 5 years.

Jambo's passion is in proving why what we do in yoga poses & pranayama is effective. He sits on the Council for Yoga Alliance UK (Yoga Therapy) & various boards for HIV, Hepatitis C & Substance Mis-Use.

He established an organisation that specialises in yoga for addiction, chronic pain & trauma, and is currently supervising researchers connected to University of Northumbria and Cape Town.

Jambo Truong Handstand


Sandra Heider at Hot Power Yoga_copy

Support Facilitator and Body Psychotherapist - Sandra Heider

Sandra, MA, MA, is a Forrest Yoga Mentor and the first of just 2 European Forrest Yoga Guardians. She has assisted Ana Forrest at her workshops and teacher trainings since 2009 and also has a background in Ashtanga and Jivamukti.

Sandra’s interest and expertise lies in finding the integration between spirituality, psychotherapy and physical practices.

At the heart of her teachings lies the assumption that we need to return to our bodies and to feeling in order to experience peace, acceptance and self-love, which in turn will lay the foundation for genuine relationships with other people.

As well as being the owner of 2 successful studios, Sandra recently completed her 5 year studies in body psychotherapy at CBPC in Cambridge (UK).


Is this Training For You?

This Training ISN'T For You If...


  • You just want to learn cool yoga poses - Yes your practice will grow exponentially but this is a great by-product of the training, rather than it’s focus

  • You don’t want to grow yourself or be the best version of you that you can be - Becoming free of your limiting beliefs and letting go of your fears is challenging. The rewards are immense but you need to be up for it

  • You don’t want to contribute or make a difference in the world - whether it’s by teaching yoga or just being a more conscious, compassionate person, it all makes a difference

  • You’d rather be caught up in drama, blame, complaint and doubt than facing the world and it’s challenges positively

This Training IS For You If...

  • You want to jump in, play full out and reap the benefits of every experience available to you

  • You want to inspire others and bring about positive change – whether through teaching yoga or your own behavior

  • You want to take responsibility for your destiny and live an empowered life

  • You want to be part of something amazing

  • You want your walls broken down and your heart opened so you can become a more open, loving, confident and inspiring person - the person you really are

  • You want to connect with your purpose and feel excited by life and your place in the world

October 2016 Program

Dates & Timings:

9 days 15/10 – 23/10 8am – 6pm

W/e 1 29/10 – 30/10 
8am – 7pm

W/e 2 05/11 – 06/11 
8am – 7pm

9 days 12/11 – 20/11 8am – 6pm

(Saturdays finish 7pm)


Cove Studio at Plough Studios, 9 Park Hill

Clapham, London SW4 9NS

8 mins walk from Clapham Common Tube


Application fee          £100

(payable on application and fully refunded if you are not accepted)

Deposit                        £400

(payable within 1 week of acceptance after interview)

Tuition                          £2,400

(due by 7/10/2016)

Total                          £2,900