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Workshops give you the opportunity to go way deeper, get individual feedback, ask questions and take time to understand the nitty gritty of what's going on in poses.

If you want to get the most out of each yoga pose and your practice as a whole, then it pays to participate in a workshop.


OFFER ENDS 6/10/2016


Hip Opener Workshop

With Jess Campbell

Hip OPener green

Get the junk out your trunk in this hip-focused workshop.

The pelvis is one of the biggest structures in your body with some major muscle groups and bones connecting to it.

Sitting, running and cycling all shorten and tighten the strong muscles at the front of the hips and the piriformus that sits under your glutes.

Left un-stretched these muscles can eventually tilt the pelvis, throwing the spine and leg bones out of alignment. The result: back problems, knee pain and even shoulder and ankle issues.

So whilst hip-opening poses are the ones you love to hate, they're essential to the alignment of the whole body as well as the health of the reproductive and digestive organs.

Saturday 8th October, 2-4pm

Balance Physio

113 Gauden Road, SW4 6LE

1 min walk from Clapham North Tube

£25     Offer Price £20

Enter promo code "OCT20" in the shopping basket.

Offer expires 06/10/16.

Beginners Workshop

With Dylan Ayaloo

Slow down and get specific in this fantastic workshop.

Discover how poses should feel in your body and how to adapt them to your body shape, or level of flexibility and strength.

If you have injuries, learn how to work around them and build the strength to support them.

Ask all the questions that have been puzzling you and get individual input.

If you're more experienced, this workshop is a great return to the core principles of a strong yoga practice, and will highlight any bad habits or missing links in your practice.

Saturday 29th October, 1.45 - 4.15pm
Cove at Plough Studios
9 Park Hill, London SW4 9NS
9 mins walk from Clapham Common Tube


£25      Offer Price £20

Enter promo code "OCT20" in the shopping basket.
Offer expires 06/10/16.


Terms: Discounted workshop purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. October 20% Discount cannot be combined with any other members discounts.