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Awaken to Your Possibility

Deepen Your Yoga Practice and Connect to Your Potential in Just 3 Amazing Days



Normal Price: £300

Reserve your place now to SAVE £50     Offer Price: £250

Programme date 15-17th January 2016
Early Bird closes midnight 30th November 2015


Is yoga a growing part of your life?

If yoga is becoming, or already is, part of your lifestyle, then read on.

In class you probably have moments where poses really are the mirror for your life and you experience a sense of connection to yourself and your body.

Yoga isn’t just a physical experience for you - you feel energy and emotions move through you as you flow from pose to pose. You see that you're a calmer and more balanced person when you're practicing regularly. 

And you've become THAT person that talks about how great yoga is and how it's impacted your life.

If this sounds familiar then you're probably also getting a sense that classes are just the tip of the yoga iceberg, and that there are so many more life transforming effects that you are yet to experience… And so much more of yourself to discover.

Plus, of course you want to grow your practice and perfect those elusive arm balances that have so far escaped you. Just how do you bend your arms in Firefly, never mind lift that back leg up!?

Connect to your possibility in just 3 days

Our Foundations of Yoga Teacher Training Programme will guide your yoga practice and YOU to the next level by taking you on a 3-day journey of discovery in to yoga and yourself.

It contains key modules of a 200Hr Teacher Training Programme but in bite-sized standalone chunks. You'll gain the benefit of broadening and deepening your knowledge of yoga and gaining practical tools you can apply on the mat and in life, but without the commitment or cost of a 200Hr Programme.

And, it'll help you decide if a 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training is something you really want to do, and if we're the school for you.

Yoga Assisting Course Dylan Ayaloo
  • Learn aspects of yoga you don’t get in class which you can take back in to your life such as meditation, breathing exercises and yoga nidra

  • Transform your yoga practice with posture workshops 

  • Receive the 1-on-1 advice and expert feedback that can change how you approach anything from specific poses to your relationships, career and life

  • Experience how yoga philosophy can help you discover more about yourself 

  • Connect to your possibility and gain a sense of your true potential 

  • Be immersed in a positive journey with a guide who believes in you and sees your greatness 

Gain a new perspective

The Foundations Programmes encapsulates the transformation that yoga is. 

You will leave the 3 days: 


  • Grounded and connected to your body and yoga practice

  • Knowing the techniques to apply to your yoga practice to keep it growing

  • Experienced in wider yogic practices and able to integrate them in to your lifestyle

  • Equipped with tools for your own personal and spiritual growth

  • More aware of your true potential and the possibilities available to you

  • Clear on whether you want to continue your journey to a 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training, what this could mean for you and your life, and whether we are the right yoga teacher training school for you



What participants say:

“A few months ago, in response to a question in class about the Teacher Training and Foundations Programme, I heard Dylan say “it will change your life”. I remember thinking that was a pretty big statement to say to someone… Honestly, he was right. It has already changed mine” - Gilly Collins

“I feel absolutely relieved that I have found HPY… It's helped me not compare myself to others, to not have to be perfect at each pose and to have a laugh! It's also benefitted me because I know I can teach, I know I am capable of doing it.”
– Jo Green

“The program was incredible. The 3 days were the most transformational of my life so far. I have never laughed so much much, clapped so much, had my heart cracked open more, felt more seen for who I am (and loved for it), explored my practice in such a way that it went leaps and bounds and maybe most importantly, had more fun than I ever had before. To say it was of benefit to me would be an understatement!” – Nicola P

“I feel really excited about doing my teacher training. It has just established in me that this is what I really want to be doing.” - Melody M

Hot Power Yoga Flip

Hot Power Yoga - the style

Hot Power Yoga is a contemporary style of yoga for people with modern lives and challenges. It combines the latest alignment and therapeutic principles with the flow, breath and athleticism of Power Vinyasa.


It is a style that recognizes individual differences and gives students the space to find their own perfect pose. It encourages growth – physically, mentally and emotionally, on and off the mat.


The practice is playful and promotes a real connection to the wisdom of the body. Classes are not scripted and teachers are trained to bring their own essence and personality to their classes to build connection with and between students.


The purpose of Hot Power Yoga is to create a feeling of freedom, flow, personal power and contentedness – a feeling we call HPYness.    


About Dylan Ayaloo - Programme Leader

“My aspiration is to help you see your possibility and live in your true capability and potential. “ – Dylan Ayaloo

Dylan is an experienced international yoga teacher and teacher of teachers, and was one of the first to bring power vinyasa yoga to the UK.


He presents the ancient philosophies and teachings of yoga in a modern and accessible format that creates programmes which are challenging, well-informed, fun, sometimes a little unconventional, and certainly life-changing. 


Dylan brings a level or support and compassion to his coaching that is both highly effective and unique.

 He is a powerful coach and facilitator with a particular skill in guiding students to connect with their purpose, believe their potential and realise it.

Dylan Ayaloo Hot Power Yoga coaching 


What Participants Say About Dylan:

“Dylan is an amazing, amazing teacher in how he allows people to be open, and he creates a safe environment where you can open your heart and really be honest with all the emotions you’re feeling.” – Steven Jamieson

Dylan is a rock. He is just such an inspiring person. He doesn’t just feed off what you WANT to hear. He gives you what you NEED to hear in order to grow and find your potential… As a mentor he is just incredible.  He’s opened my mind, He’s opened my heart. He’s inspired me. He’s a really unique special person and a source of light” – Maxine Calleja


“Dylan is just completely inspiring.” – Harriet


Dylan is incredibly professional. He has an amazing knack of drawing things out of you and helping you see the problem or issue yourself.” – Tanya Buck


Deepen your yoga practice and connect to your potential in just 3 amazing days

Location: Plough Studios, 9 Park Hill, London, SW4 9NS
(next to Hot Power Yoga Studio)

15th - 17th January 2016 9am - 5pm

Normal Price: £300

Special offer price £250

SAVE £50
Early Bird price ends 13/11/2015




Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never practiced Hot Power Yoga. Can I do this programme?

Yes you can. One of the main aims of this course is to grow and widen your yoga practice, and give you valuable tips and techniques, whatever level you’re at or whatever style you practice.

I'm interested in learning more about yoga but I'm not sure I want to teach. Is this course right for me?

Absolutely. This course is great for people who are considering a 200Hr Yoga Teacher training but it’s also an amazing standalone course for anyone who wants more than you get from a yoga class. You’ll get valuable practical learnings you can apply to both your yoga practice and life whether you choose to continue beyond the programme or not.

How much can my yoga practice change in 3 days?

With the right advice your practice can transform in a few minutes. You’ll have the opportunity for 1-on-1 attention as well as learning from others. And, not only will your yoga practice change, but also how you look at yourself and your life.

I’ve already done a 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Programme, will I get anything from this course?

Ask our mentees – not only have they completed their 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training, they also repeat the Foundations Programme several times. Each time they peel back a new level of their practice and self awareness, and connect more deeply with their passion for yoga.



I’m not based in South London, where can I stay?

We have a list of recommended Air B’n’B hosts you can stay with in the local area and some of our graduates also rent their spare rooms. Staying with a graduate is a fantastic option.

Just ask for a list once you’ve signed up.

What do I get from this course that I can’t get from a text book?

By all means read the classic yoga texts and alignment books - you’ll get lots from them. What you’ll get from this course that you won’t find in a text book is expert and individual advice on your specific practice. You also get a modern interpretation of yoga philosophy that’s translated in to simple and practical exercises that help you understand more about yourself.

Can I still save £150 off my 200Hr Teacher Training even if I get the reduced price on the Foundations Programme?

Yes you can. You can save up to £500 in total off the 2 programmes: 
- £50 if you get the special offer price on the Foundations
- £300 with the 200Hr early bird
- £150 if you progress from the Foundations to the 200Hr within 6 months.

Deepen your yoga practice and connect to your potential in just 3 amazing days


Location: Plough Studios, 9 Park Hill, London, SW4 9NS

(next to Hot Power Yoga Studio)

15th - 17th January 2016

9am - 5pm

Normal Price: £300

Special offer price £250

SAVE £50

Early Bird ends 15th November 2015



Hot Power Yoga reserve the right to change programme content, location and supporting Facilitators at any time.