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Hot Power Yoga's History

Fighting back


At the age of 7, Founder Dylan Ayaloo was taken to the YMCA in KL Central to learn Taekwondo as a defense against bullying. Within a couple of years Dylan was a child star, flying through the air and breaking tiles on national TV. For years he competed, becoming Malaysian Junior National Champion and a member of the Malaysian Olympic Squad. Not surprisingly, the bullying stopped!


The sport and rigorous training took its toll on his body and after gaining repeated major injuries he hung up his uniform and travelled to Australia to study and pursue a corporate career.

Finding yoga


Aware of the stress and soullessness of his corporate job, Dylan began seeking tools to reconnect to his body, find fulfillment and gain a sense of balance in his life. His relationship with meditation and yoga began.


His first yoga class was an incredible experience, and he left with a changed perspective, seeing the world in a brighter, clearer, and more vivid way. 


Outdoor Group Yoga

He quickly became hooked on Ashtanga Yoga and went on to try many different styles.


On finding Power Yoga, he was immediately hooked. It appealed on all levels, from the intensity and challenge of the workout to the meditative and spiritual quality.  


Meanwhile the realisation that there was a happier and more fulfilling alternative to his current work life was growing, along with his desire to engage in something that would allow him to be heartfelt and passionate, and contribute to others.


A change in destiny


Group Circle MassageIn a bold move, Dylan quit his job - not really knowing what he wanted to do, other than travel and eventually hit corporate London. To kill time, he completed his first yoga teacher training programme with Duncan Peak, although at this point, with no real intentions to teach.


On his first European stop in Valencia, Dylan was still wrestling with the idea of teaching yoga. Fate was playing its part though, and he found himself forced to teach as people wanted to practice yoga with him. His first Power Yoga classes were held in a friend's living room with a broken heater, and the students arranging the classes for him.


The birth of Hot Power Yoga  


Several months later, Dylan hit the shores of England and Hot Power Yoga was born. During its infancy in various small studios across South London, people immediately connected to the yoga style and wanted to be part of it. Word spread and soon a small but committed Hot Power Yoga community was forming! 


Still with a hunger for further learning and personal development, Dylan combined study at London's Concord Institute with months of training and assisting around the globe with Baron Baptiste.

A new home & growing family


On returning to South London, his classes became so busy that students were regularly turned away, and the time had come for Hot Power Yoga to find its own studio and more teachers.


Based in Clapham, the studio is now home to a full schedule of Hot Power Yoga classesworkshops and transformation programmes. It is also an internationally recognised Teacher Training School (RYS200) offering a range of accredited teacher training programs.


The Hot Power Yoga family are a passionate and down-to-earth team of yogis, dedicated to helping others experience the same realisations, life changes and improved well-being that they have, and committed to supporting all kinds of people in their search for greater balance and fulfilment.