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12-Month Mentorship Program


Our Mentees are a collective of powerful yoga teachers who are creating the lives they want and building their dreams. 


Our 12-Month Mentorship Program maintains the close-knit support of a teacher training program and ensures you embody the learning and practices from your 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Program or Vinyasa Conversion Course. It also continues your personal growth and development as a truly powerful, inspirational and influential yoga teacher, and provides an ongoing support structure for you within your first year of teaching.




Don't Just Teach. Teach Powerfully


If you are a yoga teacher who is committed to both your personal development and pursuing a career teaching yoga and /or owning your own yoga studio, the 12-Month Mentorship Program will also give you a solid training that will prepare you for the level of responsibility and commitment that leading a studio community requires.


The Mentorship Program follows on from our Foundations and RYS 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Programs or Vinyasa Conversion Course and is designed to help you truly integrate and embody your learning, and develop your skills over a sustained period. 



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Mentorship Program Details


You will gain:


  • A deepened technical, theoretical and philosophical knowledge of yoga
  • Experiential learning around yoga teaching and creating a yoga studio community
  • Support on issues, experiences and problems you encounter as you gain yoga teaching experience
  • Continued transformation and personal growth 
  • Growth as a powerful and inspirational yoga teacher


The 12-Month Mentorship Program includes:


  • 6 Mentorship Program weekend courses - where the teaching is adapted to the specific needs of the group, and new depths are covered
  • Minimum of 3 further Foundations Programs - every program includes new content, plus mentees receive additional content
  • Possibility of practicing your teaching and assisting with Hot Power Yoga - earn whilst you’re in training
  • Coaching and feedback on your yoga teaching and setting up your own classes or community
  • Monthly webinars - to maintain contact and answer your questions
  • Membership of a community support group where experiences are shared
  • Discounted membership at Hot Power Yoga studios



The Mentorship is only available to graduates of the Hot Power Yoga RYS 200Hr Teacher Training Program or Vinyasa Conversion Course.


To find out more, email 
or call Jess on 07557 550 864.


You will only be accepted onto the 12-Month Mentorship Program if you have completed our RYS 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Program or Vinyasa Conversion Course.





Just a few of the things our Mentees say about the Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training Programmes:



“In less than 12 months I’ve ticked off 5-6 year’s worth of my checklist of dreams. It’s brilliant!” – Lynda Laird


"I joined the Mentorship Programme in order to give myself longer-term support for pursuing my dreams. It's like a safety net that helps me get on the tight rope of life and take more risks" – Vanessa Dietzel


“We are taught to bring heart and story to our teaching...I feel like when I went into an HPY class, I was going in as an individual but I would always leave having become apart of something.” – Hannah Almond


It’s magical” – Linda Dixon


“It’s such a place of opportunity… I smile so much more since I’ve done the Teacher Training” – Jess


“Something started happening to me. My friends started noticing a difference in me – I was happier and calmer” – Nicola Newman


You pick up general tools that will help you deal with life…. It gives me an external perspective that the worst of my problems don’t even touch the problems of the world” – Rishin


“It’s made me happier in general and with who I am” – Chloe Tulett


Teacher Training highlighted the negative things I say to myself. I had a hardness to me that has dissolved. The biggest changes in my life have been in my relationships. Without the Teacher Training Programmes I wouldn’t have had the confidence to be vulnerable and say what I want” - Nicola Newman