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MariaMaria Kerewaro  


Maria's interest in yoga was born when she saw a flyer for Hot Power Yoga. She was immediately attracted to the heat, physical challenge and full body workout of the Hot Power Yoga flowing sequences, and also started to experience a new opening of joy and love for life that she hadn't thought possible.


After many years of high impact aerobics classes, running and hard gym workouts, suddenly this type of workout no longer seemed so attractive. Hot Power Yoga taught Maria to breathe, surrender and listen to her body, and brought a completely different aspect to physical activity that she had never before experienced. 


On becoming serious about her yoga practice, and deciding that the corporate world no longer served her, she completed the 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program at Hot Power Yoga, and emerged feeling strong, grounded, more at peace, and realising that anything was possible. She was deeply empowered and realised she was the creator of the life she really wanted to live. 


Continuing to learn the practice of "being in your body", Maria decided that yoga had changed her life is such a powerful way that she wanted to share the love and passion with others through teaching yoga. Maria completed her first yoga teacher training in Hawaii and has continued to develop her skills on the Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training programmes and workshops.


Maria brings a distinct intensity, realness and power to her yoga classes, as well as a sense of calmness and care. Beginner yogis love her for the accessibility and technical aspects of her guidance, whilst more advanced students are attracted to the physical challenge and intensity she brings.


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