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Intermediate Hot Power Yoga Workshop

with Craig Norris


Take your yoga practice to the next level

This workshop presents the opportunity for you to have your alignment in poses assessed by expert eyes and gain the confidence and courage to try more advanced variations. 



Like all our workshops, the format is interactive and supportive, and creates an environment for you to ask questions, receive adjustments and be playful.


The intention of this workshop is to guide you how to build the strength and flexibility that will help progress your practice to more advanced poses. By taking the variations you learn and applying them in class, you will grow your practice safely and build solid foundations for the future.


The smaller group setting provides greater opportunity for individual attention and hands-on adjustments. Craig will bring a greater clarity to aspects of your current practice and bring your attention to elements of your alignment you are unaware of and which, if modified, can revolutionise your practice.


Discover how to integrate the six principles of the Hot Power Yoga asana practice to build your yoga postures safely from the ground up, and set the foundations for your future practice.


The good stuff


  • Explore variations using binds
  • Create more challenge with poses such as Bird of Paradise, Half Moon and Standing Splits
  • Discover how to find pain-free backbends
  • Gain confidence in inversions such as shoulder and headstand
  • Q&A session
  • Receive hands-on adjustments
  • Individual feedback on specific issues, challenges or injuries you’re facing in your practice


Recommended for


Students with at least several months of practice who are body-aware and want to continue the growth of their practice, both by revisiting it’s foundations and learning adjustments that will build strength and flexibility for more advanced poses. 


More information


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Calendar Icon Timings
Sat 17/08/2013
1.30 - 4.30pm 
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HPY members: £28
3 Month Members: £31.50 
Facilitator: Craig Norris


Fine tuning from Craig




“Craig is a brilliant instructor and he shows that he really cares and understands what needs to be done in terms of making your practice work for you. Even though the workshop is in a group format, Craig still seems to make it individual to everyone who attends.” - Juliet


“I love the way Craig teaches. Informative, fun, gentle and insistent. I would consider any workshops he was running even if it wasn't on something I thought I was interested in just because he's an inspirational teacher! I have done classes with a lot of different teachers and have only ever found one other who works in a way that suits me” - Zoie


“Craig is incredibly knowledgable about anatomy and how to work on and, if necessary, around difficult areas in your practice. I had a couple of poses with which I have always struggled, and with a couple of insightful suggestions and brilliant placement of a couple of blocks, it eased the tension I had been experiencing and will allow me to go deeper into my practice.” - Margaret


“Not only was it informative and inspiring but Craig's good humoured and friendly demeanour made it a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.”  - Jessica