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Injury Prevention With Hot Power Yoga


If you actively participate in sport, injury - and the resulting lost training hours - is the ultimate frustration.


By practicing Hot Power Yoga you will gain flexibility, and like a tall building in an earthquake zone, your body will actually gain resilience through its flexibility.


Flexibility reduces the likelihood of tearing ligaments, muscles or fascia, simply because your body increases its ability to flex, move and respond.


Increased flexibility from Hot Power Yoga can also give you a competitive advantage in sports as your movement becomes less inhibited, and your responsiveness, speed, freedom of movement and therefore power improves.


A Hot Power Yoga class will give you a full body stretch in warmth. Whilst your body’s core is a steady 37, your extremities can get much colder, and the heat in a Hot Power Yoga class warms the outer muscles and allows you to get deeper into your stretch sooner.


Yoga also works on the belly of the muscle where there’s most stretch. Hot Power Yoga creates longer, leaner muscle which has more ‘give’, and so the likelihood of straining the less stretchy and slower healing ligament parts is also reduced.


Many injuries also come from imbalances or weaknesses in the body. With this in mind a mindful yoga practice can be used to strengthen around any weaknesses providing relief to the muscle to aid both injury prevention or rehabilitation.


Practicing in just 1 Hot Power Yoga class per week will mean you are dedicating time to strengthening and stretching your entire body and building the flexibility that can help reduce your risk of injury. Practicing 2-3 times will accelerate your gains in flexibility, and massively assist with injury prevention.


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If you have any health issues or concerns we advise that you seek medical advice before practicing at Hot Power Yoga. All students enter a Hot Power Yoga class entirely at his/her own risk. Hot Power Yoga cannot accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage sustained as a consequence of an existing health condition or physical limitation. Students are responsible for monitoring his/her own physical condition throughout a class. In the event of any unusual symptoms occurring, the student should inform the class teacher immediately and seek medical advice.