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Yoga For Focus & Concentration

The modern world is not designed to promote a calm, centered mind and rested body.

Stimulation is everywhere and we are constantly bombarded with noise and information. Add in lifestyle factors like sleeping too little, overstimulating ourselves with caffeine and sugar, multi-tasking overdrive and striving for achievement, and it’s no wonder most of us have a zillion thoughts flying around our heads and the concentration span of a small child.


Fortunately you can find relief and focus through the meditative quality of Hot Power Yoga.


When practicing Hot Power Yoga you will naturally focus on the poses and your breathing, which encourages a calm, concentrative and quiet mental state. The physical practice also helps you to become more grounded - unwinding your body and calming you mentally and emotionally.


By forcing you to slow down and focus on the poses and your breathing, yoga becomes a meditation. With regular practice this calmness and focus can be transferred to all aspects of your life.

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Improving your focus and concentration isn’t something that will happen overnight, so our 30 days for £40 unlimited pass allows you to attend as many classes as you like, and give yourself the best chance to see progress. 


 30 days  for just £40
Save £100 when you sign up for your Introductory 30 days for £40 pass, and try as many yoga classes as you like in our Clapham Common Yoga studio.
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If you have any health issues or concerns we advise that you seek medical advice before practicing at Hot Power Yoga. All students enter a Hot Power Yoga class entirely at his/her own risk. Hot Power Yoga cannot accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage sustained as a consequence of an existing health condition or physical limitation. Students are responsible for monitoring his/her own physical condition throughout a class. In the event of any unusual symptoms occurring, the student should inform the class teacher immediately and seek medical advice.