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Hot Power Yoga - Taking a breath

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Hot Power Yoga the same as Bikram Yoga or other Hot Yoga? 

Hot Power Yoga is different to Bikram in a number of ways. Firstly, although we're hot, it's a comfortable heat! Whilst a Bikram yoga studio is heated to close to 40 degrees C, our Hot Power Yoga studio is 28-32 degrees. This means there is enough heat to warm your muscles and encourage sweat, but the lower temperature means we can bring more movement or 'flow' into the class. This results in a more athletic class with a cardio element.


The Bikram Hot Yoga sequence is also the same in every class. Each Hot Power Yoga class is different. Our teachers follow a specific class structure but within this, have the flexibility to select the poses they feel are appropriate to the yoga students in the class. This allows them to be creative and playful, meaning you experience more variety and get to try different postures.


We also encourage interaction between our yoga students and you'll be encouraged to say hello and make friends. 


Q: Why do you practice Hot Power Yoga in heat? 

There are a number of reasons: Firstly our skin is the largest organ of our body. With the heat, you will sweat and this releases toxins from the body. The heat and sweat therefore helps you detoxify. The heat also warms the body and encourages muscle suppleness, joint mobility and flexibility. This means you can have a deeper yoga practice, but also the chance of injury is reduced.


We also enjoy the challenge the heat provides - sweating and letting-go feels great, and at the end of a Hot Power Yoga practice you will feel physically, mentally and emotionally cleansed. This is why Hot Power Yoga is such a great antidote to modern London life. Don’t worry though, it’s not too hot. We keep the yoga studio at a comforting temperature that makes it feel like you are practicing on a tropical island, not in an oven!

Q: How hot is the room?

Our studio is heated anywhere from 28 - 32 degrees Celsius. Our students comment on how comforting the heat is, and love it.

Q: What kind of yoga is it?

Hot Power Yoga is based on a Power Vinyasa Yoga sequence. Vinyasa means flow. When we say flow we mean one yoga pose leads into the next. We also teach a breathing exercise which you’ll practice throughout the yoga class, so on another level you’re flowing with your breath. Hot Power Yoga is a modern and athleticform of yoga which is accessible to all. We are completely non-dogmatic in our approach and believe there is no such thing as the perfect yoga pose. You’re free to take the modifications or a rest pose anytime, for as long as your body needs it. 

Q: I’m not flexible, can I still attend a Hot Power Yoga class? 

We don’t expect you to be flexible or strong before attending a class, and we aim to help you develop a balance of both over you practice. If you’re new to Hot Power Yoga, we’d recommend attending our Beginner’s yoga classes and Beginners Workshop for a few weeks until you’re comfortable to join our All Levels yoga classes. 

Q: I’m not strong, will I be able to attend a Hot Power Yoga class? 

Similar to the question above, you’re not expected to be strong or flexible to attend our yoga classes. Hot power Yoga is a style for everyone, so we have all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of students. Our yoga classes will help you cultivate a balance of strength and flexibility as you attend a regular practice.

Q: I’m totally new to yoga, which class should I attend? 

We would recommend attending our Beginners Workshop and a few weeks of our Beginners Hot Power Yoga classes before attempting our All Levels classes. In the Beginners classes, we break down the sequence and yoga postures in greater details and at a slower pace, so that you get comfortable with the practice.


Our Beginners Workshop cover the key principles of the Hot Power Yoga practice in more detils and have an interactive format which allows you to ask questions and experience adjustments from the facilitator. We recommend these for both beginners and students with a few month's experience as they allow you to explore and improve your practice in more detail, in a smaller group.

Q: I’m new to yoga but my schedule doesn’t allow me to come to the Beginners Hot Power Yoga classes. Which class can I attend? 

If you can’t attend our Beginners Hot Power Yoga classes, then choose one of the 60 minute or 75 minute All Levels yoga classes first. These classes are at a slightly quicker pace than the Beginners yoga classes and you’re welcome to take the resting pose as many times as your body needs, and then rejoin the class when you’re ready.  


Our Sunday afternoon Beginner's Workshop will also help you become more familiar with the poses and breathing exercise so you'll feel more comfortable attending an All Levels class.

Q: How many Hot Power Yoga classes do you have a week?

We currently have 40 Hot Power Yoga classes each week, from 6.30am to 9.30 pm Mon-Fri, plus weekend classes. Check out our online schedule and book yourself into a class online

Q: Do I need to book my yoga class online?

Please book online particularly for our peak evening classes as limited spaces are available. If it is your first time we recommend you buy our Introductory 30 days Unlimited Yoga for £40 pass online in advance.

Q: Can I come to an All Levels class if I am a beginner, or it is my first Hot Power Yoga class?

Yes you can. We don’t restrict you from attending a class unless your doctor advises against it. If you are a total beginner we would however recommend that you attend our Beginners yoga classes and Beginner's Workshop before attending any of our All-levels Hot Power Yoga classes so you have an idea of the practice. Also, always let our teachers know if you’re a newcomer.

Q: Can I come to the 90 minute weekend Hot Power Yoga classes if I am a beginner? 

Yes. The 90 minute classes are more challenging than the 60 minute ones, however you are welcome to take the modifications to the poses we suggest, or take the resting pose as long as you need and rejoin the class when you’re ready. We also recommend you attend our Beginners Workshop which allow you to ask questions, learn improved alignment, and experience adjustments from the facilitators. These are designed for complete Beginners and those with a few month's practice under their belt,  and will allow you to explore and improve your practice in more detail, within a smaller interactive group.

Q: What is the difference between the Beginners 60 minute Hot Power Yoga class and a 90 minute class?

The Beginners Hot Power Yoga class takes place at a slower pace in order to focus more on alignment in poses and basics such as how and when to breathe correctly. It is still a flowing class, so we cannot stop and start as we would in a Workshop. The 90 minute (as well as the 75 minute and 2 hour) Hot Power Yoga classes are our signature sequence classes. They usually take place at a more challenging pace and cater for the varying levels in the class. As such they are open to all-levels, and beginners are invited to modify the yoga poses or rest as required.

Q: How often should I practice Hot Power Yoga?

You can practice as often as you like but the more regular your yoga practice, the more you'll feel the benefits. We advise that you listen to your body and use that as guidance. Being more in tune with your body and listening to it is part of the journey in yoga. 


If you’re also training in other sports, then practicing 2-3 times a week will be of great benefit in terms of developing your flexibility, strength and breathing capacity.


Q: Can I practice Hot Power Yoga if I have a bad back?

We recommend you consult your doctor, osteopath or whoever is treating you. However our observation is that, with regular yoga practice, most people strengthen their back and find relief from back pain, as well as other pains and aches in their bodies.







Nice relaxing stretch in Child’s pose.





Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training 2009.





Sharing HPYness at London Yogathon 2011.





Hhhmm... Having a nice hip stretch.





Taking a relaxing moment with Craig Norris.





And flip-over from Down Dog, with Franziska.





Hot Power Yogis have abs too : )





And at the end of each class we relax and let it all go.