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Classes for Concessions at Hot Power Yoga London


Great deals for concessions on off-peak yoga classes


At Hot Power Yoga we offer generous discounts of between 23-38% off our normal off-peak prices. Choose to attend individual yoga classes or practice as much as you like.



Choose from the following options:


  • Concessions Off-Peak Drop-in - £10 (Save 38% versus a normal drop-in)
  • Concessions Unlimited Intro Offer - attend as many off-peak classes as you like in 30 days for just £30 (Save 25% versus our normal intro offer)
  • Concessions 3 Month Off-Peak Membership – for just £50 per month practice as many times as you like in off-peak classes and only commit to 3 months (23% saving). Save a further £5 when you sign up during your Unlimited Intro Offer period


For full time students we also offer a 15-class Student Pass that is valid only over the summer break.



Who qualifies for the concession discount?



You can buy your pass on line or in the studio - based in Clapham, London - at any time.


You will be required to present relevant proof that you qualify for the concessions discount on your first visit to the studio, and whenever requested thereafter.


If you’re under 18, you’ll also need to be accompanied by an adult until we’re sure you’re comfortable with the studio and practice.



If you have any more questions email or call 07 872 122 842



Concessions Single Class Off-Peak Drop-In*

Buy your pass and then simply select which off-peak class you'd like to attend from our schedule. 


Must be purchased from reception






Concessions Unlimited
Off-Peak Intro Offer*

The most cost effective way to practice - try as many off-peak classes as you like in 30 days!


Buy your pass now and your 30 days will start when you attend your first class. 


Click Here To Get Our Intro Offer








Which classes are included for Concessions?


  • Monday to Friday: all classes prior to 5pm
  • Saturdays: classes prior to 9am and after 1pm
  • Sundays: classes prior to 11am



What is Hot Power Yoga?


Hot Power Yoga is a modern, athletic and all-inclusive style of yoga that sculpts your body, builds strength and flexibility, releases stress and calms your mind. 


You'll leave our yoga classes feeling like you stepped out of your daily life and returned a different person - a feeling we call HPYness!



Yoga that's hot


We practice in a heated studio at around 28-32 degrees C. Because it's hot, your muscles will let go more quickly so you’ll get deeper into your stretches sooner, which is great for relaxation and developing flexibility. If you do other exercise or play sports, Hot Power Yoga will support your performance, recovery and help prevent injury.


Unlike a gym workout which works on specific muscle groups, our teachers will guide you through a yoga class that will stretch and strengthen your entire body. 


The heat also helps with detoxification as you lose toxins through your skin when you sweat (and you will sweat!).



Concessions 3 Month
Off-Peak Membership*

Once you've completed your Intro 30 Pass, if you want to practice at

least 2 times per week, this Membership is the most cost effective way to practice.


Sign up within your Intro Pass Period and you'll save and extra 10%.


Click Here To Get Started With A 3 Month Membership


£45 (within






"The team is super friendly. As a beginner you are not made to feel as if you are a beginner, you go at your own pace and develop and learn from others around you or the teacher.


It's the first time I've tried hot yoga and after only 3 sessions I feel invigorated. I would highly recommend Hot Power Yoga to anyone." - EG



"It's a friendly atmosphere, so it feels comfortable to be part of a place where everyone is so friendly and accommodating." - VR



* - 30 Days Unlimited Intro Offer is for new students only. Only 1 30 Day Unlimited pass allowed per customer.

   - The relevant ID will be requested on your first visit to the studio