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Hot Power Yoga Class Practicalities


What do I need to know before attending a Hot Power Yoga class?


  1. Wear comfortable yoga/workout clothes that you can sweat in. You don't have to wear teany shorts and most girls wear leggings and a vest top. Guys normally wear shorts and maybe a t-shirt. 

  2. Bring a change of clothes (this is Hot Power Yoga and you will sweat in class), a yoga mat (if you have one), a towel and bottle of water. We rent out yoga mats and towels for £1 each (they’re free if you’re on a monthly membership), and sell water for 50p.

  3. Drink plenty of water during the day. If you’re thirsty, it’s your body telling you to hydrate.

  4. Refrain from eating heavy meals 2 hours before class.

  5. Arrive early if you need to change.

  6. Please turn your mobile off or set it to silent before you enter the practice room. 

  7. Please also remove your shoes as we practice in bare feet.

  8. It’s best to arrive at least 10 mins early for all yoga classes. Classes start promptly and the door will be closed on time. 

  9. Late comers will not be allowed in as the class will already be underway and it may not be safe for your body as you will miss the warm up. 

  10. If there is a yoga class going on when you arrive at the front door and its locked, please refrain from ringing the door bell or knocking on the door. An up-to-date schedule is posted on the door so you can check out the next class you can attend. 

  11. Please reserve your class online - especially evening and weekend classes. All reservations are subject to our Bookings and Cancellations Policy.

  12. Please talk to the Yoga Teacher or our Yoga Advisor about any pre-existing physical conditions, old sports injuries or health concerns that might be relevant to your yoga practice. Our teachers will do their best to provide modifications to suit your needs. 

  13. If you are pregnant please talk to our Yoga Advisor before you join any of our yoga classes and also make sure you let your teacher know that there’s two of you practising!

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