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Beginners Hot Power Yoga Clapham

60 & 90 mins Beginner Classes Clapham: 


A full flowing class designed for newcomers who are learning the poses or for those who are working on building their fitness.


This class is dynamic but carried out at a slower pace and with less poses than an All Levels class. You will work through the foundations of Hot Power Yoga practice with a greater focus on basic alignment and breathing.


You will also learn how to modify postures to suit your needs and you may rest as much as you like.


No experience is required and we recommend you support your Beginners Classes with the Beginners Workshop.



Beginners Yoga Workshop Clapham:


Support your Beginners Classes with our Beginners Workshop – a monthly interactive workshop where the principles of the Hot Power Yoga practice will be covered in greater detail and there is the opportunity for questions and hands-on adjustments to help you with your alignment.


The smaller group setting provides the opportunity for individual attention, which will accelerate your practice and help you reap the benefits more quickly.


Sign up for the Beginners Workshop get the most out of your classes and save a further £5.





One Saturday per month, 1.45 - 4.15pm at our Clapham North venue: Balance Physio in Clapham North




Beginners Workshop - £25

Unlimited Introductory Offer - £40 (Save £100)

Beginners Workshop + Unlimited Intro Offer - £60 (Save £105)


Experience expert teaching



* Serious stuff applying to all purchases:

  • You have 3 months fromthe date of purchase to take your Intro Workshop or your first class
  • Non-transferrable to other HPY products or customers
  • No extensions or pausing
  • All purchases are final and no refunds will be given
  • Class booking and cancellation policy applies


Taking a rest in child's pose