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Advanced Yoga Postures Workshop

With Dylan Ayaloo

Saturday 30th April, 1.30 - 4.30pm


Its playtime!

This workshop is for those who want to try new poses that will challenge and uplift.

For many, backbends, inversions, hand and arm balances are amongst the most challenging and exciting of their yoga practice, and you may not have had the knowledge or confidence to try them in class.

Dylan will support, guide and encourage you to overcome fears and build your confidence.

He'll also give you tips on how to build strength in all the right places as well as the techniques that make a big difference, including:

  • The importance of establishing strong and safe foundations
  • How to engage your bandhas and find tadasana
  • How to build these more advanced yoga poses from the ground up
  • The psychology of overcoming challenges
  • Protecting yourself from injury

You will work on your own, with the wall and partners, as well as receiving alignment adjustments & assistance from Dylan.

The Advanced Yoga Postures Workshop presents the opportunity for you to explore your body's capabilities like never before, play like you were a child again and work past your fears. 

Recommended for students with good body awareness and the ability to do at least crow and wheel.

Book your place, or for more information email or call us on 07872 122 842.

Calendar Icon Timings
Saturday 30th April
13:30 - 16:30


12 Month Members: £28
3 Month Members: £31.50