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Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training Programs


We believe yoga should be accessible to people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels.


If you’re thinking of training to teach yoga with us, it’s important that our values (and not our size or shape) resonate with you.



"It was such an amazing experience. I'd do it again in a heartbeat... Mind blowing and amazing." - Heidi


Principles and values: 


  • Experiential - to learn to teach yoga, you need to teach yoga! We do not believe you can become a powerful yoga teacher by reading books and understanding principles on an intellectual level alone. All our courses are high in practical and experiential content so that as well as gaining technical and philosophical understanding, you practice, implement, embody and gain confidence through doing it.


  • Personal growth - we see more possibility in you than you probably see in yourself, and we will reveal it to you, help you clear blockages and start to realise your potential.


  • Maximum value - you will get more value than you can imagine from our courses. Your program hours do not include homework and personal study, so you get maximum teaching input, coaching and practical experience for your money.


  • Community and connection – with the support of a powerful like-minded group you will achieve much more than you could as an individual. We provide a safe and supportive environment for your learning and development and facilitate c
    onnections and support networks to be built.


  • Fun - for you to get the maximum out of any yoga teacher training program, you need to be in the best state possible. We make sure our programs are both fun and enjoyable so your energy - and learning - remains high.


  • Serving you – we continually evolve and improve our programs so you will get the best yoga teaching program we can possibly give you. We take our obligation very seriously and adapt each day to the needs of the specific group.




Foundations Program


If you continue onto the 200Hr we'll take £150 off your 200Hr Course fee. 


Click Here To Book A Foundation Program 




Teacher Training Open House


Join us for a free class and Q&A session. Meet the Facilitators and past graduates and learn how our Programs changed their lives.




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Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training Programs are for you if...


  • You are passionate about developing your personal yoga practice
  • You want to grow as an individual
  • You want to realize your inner potential
  • You want to have a positive impact on people and the world
  • You want to live a more fulfilled life
  • You’re prepared to be challenged and have fun
  • You want to be part of a community that will support your growth


 Our programs are not for you if...


  • You just want to learn cool poses
  • You’re not interested in your personal evolution





If you like what you've heard so far, find out more about our Foundations Program200Hr Teacher Training ProgramHands-On Assisting Program and 12-Month Mentorship Program.


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