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Yoga isn’t just for Grannies, but teens too!


Hot Power Yoga for Teenagers in London



At Hot Power Yoga we welcome everyone. No matter what your size, shape or bendability, everyone is thrown into the mix to breathe, stretch and sweat together... And find HPYness.


Hot Power Yoga classes offer a challenging modern and athletic style of yoga that particularly appeals to young adults and active people.


We’re also hot! Our studio is heated to between 28 and 32 degrees C, so it’s hot, but not too hot that you can’t flow from one yoga pose to another. 


The heat encourages detoxification through sweating as well as helping you to warm up so that you ease into your stretches more quickly. This helps you let go of the stresses and tensions of modern teenage life and find both physical and mental release and relief.


As a more athletic form of yoga, it also encourages weight loss and builds strength and tone in the changing teenage body.


And, as you’ll move with your breath, you’ll find it also has a meditative quality that helps bring calm and focus. This is a skill that can be taken off the mat and applied to your wider life.



Physical benefits of yoga for teenagers


  • Develops and maintains natural teen flexibility
  • Reduces tension in the body through stretching
  • Builds strength and tone throughout the body
  • Strengthens the back and core and opens the heart - developing good posture and a confident stature
  • Improves balance and co-ordination
  • Improves sleep
  • Supports the major systems of the body including hormonal



Mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga for teenagers


  • Teaches tools for relaxation which can help reduce anxiety and the effects of stress
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Releases emotions stored in tense muscles
  • Develops a sense of acceptance, individuality and confidence
  • Builds a positive relationship with, and awareness of, the body
  • Creates a deeper sense of self awareness and mindfulness


Concessions Single Class Off-Peak Drop-In

Buy your pass and then simply select which off-peak class you'd like to attend from our schedule. 


Must be purchased from studio




Concessions Unlimited
Off-Peak Intro Offer*

The most cost effective way to practice - try as many off-peak classes as you like in 30 days!


Buy your pass now and your 30 days will start when you attend your first class. 


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Concessions 3 Month
Off-Peak Membership

Once you've completed your Intro 30 Pass, if you want to practice at

least 2 times per week, this Membership is the most cost effective way to practice.


Sign up within your Intro Pass Period and you'll save and extra 10%.


Click Here To Get An Off-Peak 3 Month Membership


£45 (within






How old do I need to be to practice yoga?


We accept teenagers from the age of 14. Teens between 14 and 18 need to be accompanied by an adult initially, but once you’re confident in class and feel comfortable in the yoga studio, just ask our Studio Manager for permission to attend on your own.   


Why don’t you offer separate yoga classes for teenagers?


Our style of yoga and culture is all-inclusive and our classes build connections between all different ages and types of people. That’s how we think life should work.


It’s also a great activity for spending time with your parents (yes, even them!), and relaxing and letting go of stresses together.


Is yoga just for girls?


We can’t deny that the females outnumber the males, but as a more athletic and dynamic style of yoga, there are more males than you’d find in your average yoga class.


Top teams across the world use power yoga as part of their training, including the Welsh Rugby Team, the National Aussie Rules football team and countless American Football squads. So, we’d say it’s plenty tough enough for the boys!


Do I get a discount?


Yes you do! As long as you're a teenager under the age of 18 you qualify for our Concessions Discount. This means you get discounted rates on:


  • Concessions Single class Off-Peak Drop-in - £10 - Save £6
  • Off Peak Concessions Unlimited Intro Offer - £30 for 30 days unlimited yoga - Save £10
  • 3-Month Off Peak Concessions Membership - £45 if you sign up during your intro offer - Save £20 per month


Check out the orange panels above to see the prices. We recommend you start with the Unlimited Intro Offer so you can try as many classes as you want in the first 30 days.


Can teenagers only practice in off-peak classes?


No, teens can practice in any Hot Power Yoga Class, but you'll only get the concessions discount for off-peak classes. This is simply because our peak evening and weekend classes are so full so we can't offer them at a discount.


Off peak classes are any class before 5pm Monday-Friday, 8am, 5pm and 7pm on Saturday, and 9.30am on Sunday. 


Where is Hot Power Yoga based?


We’re based in Clapham, London, around 5-7 minutes walk from Clapham Common tube.



If you have any more questions email or call 07 872 122 842



* New students only. Only 1 30 Day Unlimited pass allowed per customer.

Proof of age may be requested on your first visit to the studio