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Inversions & Arm Balances Workshop
With Dylan Ayaloo


25th March
1.00 - 4pm at Lambeth College
All Levels

Inversions and arm balances bring a sense of growth and progress in your yoga practice. Inversions in particular are also incredibly uplifting to your mood. 

Yet, they can be daunting and knowing how to get in to these poses can seem like a mystery. 

In this workshop you'll discover everything you need to know to turn your practice upside down and balance on your hands. You'll get the guidance and confidence to challenge yourself and the tools to take back into class with you.


Technique, skills, strength, confidence 

- Discover how to prepare your body - where and how to build strength during your normal class practice

- Technique - discover the technical details that will demystify poses

- Mindset - learn how to mentally approach these poses with confidence and set yourself up for success


From crow, to headstand, shoulderstand, handstand, side crow and other hand balances, find out how to build these poses safely and overcome fears.


The smaller group workshop setting provides greater opportunity for individual attention and hands-on adjustments and will include:


  • Q&A session
  • Receive hands-on adjustments
  • Gain individual input on specific issues, challenges or injuries you’re facing in your inversions practice



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25th March    
1:00 - 4:00pm


 Price: £30