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In Honour of Dolphin Pose

With Jambo Truong


Dolphin is the symbol that reminds us of our progress. It can be used to track development and the more acquainted we get with working dolphin we bring answers to our own questions and some of those answers help us move on. In asana it means forearm balance, scorpion etc, in yoga it means tracking transformation.


Dolphin is a pose often under appreciated. The mystery of this pose can be easily lost when focusing too much on how it is supposed to look. By breaking down the components that make up a dolphin pose that is really going to give you what you need it is easier to fly up into forearm balance and hold it with integrity.


After this workshop you will KNOW precisely how to adapt your own practise to make this pose really work for you!


About Jambo Truong

Jambo Truong is a Forrest Yoga Guardian in training and travelling assistant to Ana Forrest.


He is co-owner of The Big Web, a EU Forrest Yoga Conference.


His style of teaching is based on functional and emotional anatomy of Forrest Yoga. His passion in teaching is based on his ability to break down and prove why Forrest Yoga & Functional Anatomy works.



In Honour of Dolphin

With Jambo Truong


Sunday 19th January

12.45 - 3.45pm



(Member discounts do not apply to this workshop)