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HPYness is a feeling that simply can’t be explained in a couple of words. It’s both the atmosphere in our Clapham classes and the feeling you leave with.


Creating HPYness in our community is the reason why we do what we do. And everyone is welcome: we invite men and women of all ages, backgrounds, body shapes and sizes to join us in practicing Hot Power Yoga and finding HPYness.

HPYness is:


 Always being welcome

 Being a part of a HPY family

 Connecting with someone new

 Having fun and letting go

 Being perfect in your imperfections

 Being uniquely you

      Afterall, no-one does it better


 Finding relief from modern life

 Reconnecting to your body

 Saying "YES" and trying something new

 Being the change

 Getting over it... phew!

 Feeling like you're glowing...
      and you probably are :)


Sharing HPYness at London Yoga Show Yogathon 2011.

 30 days  for just £40
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"So HPY that I found HPYness! A beautiful, soul nourishing class... Each class is unique, each teacher is awe inspiring and the energy is all Love. Keep spreading the HPYness! xxx"  – J Takhar


"I'm in a much better place - my hamstrings are happy, and so am I. I don't know what keeps 'calling' me back here but I think that maybe it's that funny feeling of having finally found home : )" - Vanessa T