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Charity Chanting Workshop

A yoga-style sing-along


With Craig Norris 


Experience the profound healing effects of chanting, and have fun too.


Chanting has a healing effect both physically, emotionally and mentally and can be done for yourself or for others. When chanting is used in this way this is known as Bhakti yoga - the yoga of devotion - as you devote your attention on the energy you are focused upon.


It also gives mental focus and clarity of mind as it works in a similar way to meditation.


Furthermore chanting has a profound effect upon the throat and heart chakras (the body's energy centres). The throat chakra is related to how we express ourselves to others and being able to communicate. When balanced, the heart chakra helps to even out our emotions, especially love and compassion. 


How it's done


The chanting will be done in 'call and response'. This simply means Craig will lead the session and call each chant. You will repeat it back as a group. Each chant comprises of just a few syllables or words so are easy to follow and remember.


You don't need to know sanskrit and it doesn't matter if you think you sing well or not.


What matters is that you come with an open mind and heart, and prepared to have fun :-)


"Chanting with Craig Norris goes beyond any language... It's like an audio green smoothie - full of yogic goodness, a wholesome vitamin bomb and real spiritual kick starter." - Maj



In aid of the Nirvana Foundation


The Nirvanavan Foundation is a charity based in rural Rajasthan, India. Before the charity was formed, the future of the children in this area was already set. The boys grew up to be criminals and the girls went into the sex trade.


The Nirvanavan Foundation has given these children opportunities where there were none. They have set up schools and also a helpline for the children to ring to speak to someone. The charity also run ecological protects one of which is to help save the tigers in this area that have dwindling numbers.


More can be found here



"Craig's chanting and kirtan sessions are emotive, and celebratory.


He is a gorgeous person with an infectious passion for chanting, nearly as infectious as his laughter!


I left feeling connected to myself and energetically on a higher level. Highly recommended!" - Chloe T

Friday 8th Nov

 8.00 - 9.30pm


Minimum donation £10 

Lot's more if you like :)


You be asked to make the £10 donation when you book your place. 


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