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Hot Power Yoga - 40 day programme40 Days to Personal Revolution
With Dylan Ayaloo

Detox your body and mind

Lose weight

Programme starts Monday 18th January

We all have parts of our lives that feel stuck or where we’re dissatisfied. For you, maybe its your career, your health, your relationships, your weight or your outlook.

If there is any aspect of your life you want to improve, the 40 Day Programme creates a framework which allows you to create change, whilst improving your overall health and wellbeing.


The Programme is a powerful total mind-body detox that combines daily yoga practice, meditation, nourishing diet and personal reflection that will radically change your body and bring about sustained shifts throughout your life.



Get the life you want


Regardless of your level of yoga experience, through the programme you will gain insights and realisations and find openings appear in your life.


You will:

  • Get more in touch with your body by deepening your yoga practice
  • Experience clarity and focus from a daily meditation
  • Gain energy and physical health by identifying an optimum diet that will both cleanse and nourish you
  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships through journaling, exercises and dialogue
  • Find connection and liberation in belonging to a community where you can truly be yourself



What's included?


The 40 Day Programme is the most passionate and transformational programme we offer outside of Teacher Training and the HPY team will fully support you on your journey.


This is one of the most life-changing and rewarding experiences that many of our students have. To achieve this requires a holistic approach, focusing on 5 main areas:



Hot Power Yoga 40 Day Practice1. Hot Power Yoga Practice


Experience the physical, mental and emotional benefits of a regular Hot Power Yoga practice.


The programme includes 5 studio practices, 1 home practice and 1 rest day per week


  • Develop lean, toned muscle
  • Gain flexibility
  • Reap the benefits of deep breathing
  • Boost your detoxification through sweating
  • Reduce muscular tension caused by stress
  • Take lessons from the mat into your life


N.B. All classes are included in the Program cost and your normal class fees will be put on hold.



Hot Power Yoga Healthy Food2. Diet


You are what you eat! The program is not about putting you on a diet but creating sustainable lifestyle changes that will give you maximum energy and vitality, AND create health at a cellular level.


You’ll discover:

  • What to cut out - learn about foods that harm you and actually damage your system
  • Foods that cleanse and nourish you and stimulate your body’s own healing mechanism
  • How to balance your blood sugar for sustained energy
  • Why having an alkaline system is so important and how to maintain it
  • Short cuts for days when work and life take over



Hot Power Yoga - meditating square3. Meditation


In our busy modern lives, the constant noise in our environment and our heads can be overwhelming and consuming.


Meditation provides the opportunity for moments of inner peace which bring a sense a calmness and mental clarity.


Develop your meditation practice:

  • 2 daily meditations - starting with just 5 minutes
  • Receive guidance on how to meditate by yourself
  • Try our free guided meditation



Dylan Ayaloo Hot Power Yoga coaching4. Support and coaching


You’re more likely to achieve your goals when you have support, and the programme is structured so you receive it on multiple levels:


  • Group support – you’ll see people daily when you practice
  • Weekly community meetings
  • Private facebook group
  • Programme buddy
  • Support from the coaching team


The programme offers a profound experience and the Community Meetings are one of the most valuable parts, providing the opportunity for the group to come together and support each other in a compassionate, non-judgemental and accepting environment.


They are a forum for you to share your challenges and triumphs, receive coaching, gain insights, discover connections and learn from others. 



journaling_copy5. Personal Journal


Journaling is a fantastic tool for connecting with yourself and noticing habits, emotions and responses. It’s also a great way to get ‘stuff’ out of your system in order to create space for more positive thoughts and experiences.


You'll be asked to keep a journal to record your observations and insights throughout the 40 days. These will remain personal to you - unless you wish to share them with the group - and are there for greater self reflection and growth.



Transform your life today 


This program is the most passionate and transformational programme we offer outside of our Teacher Training and we will fully support you on your 40 day journey.


Reserve your place now to make the changes you want in your life.



Normal Price: £320 (Inclusive of unlimited classes for 40 days, book and community meetings)


Members Prices: 

12 Month Members - £256. SAVE £64

3 Month Members - £288. SAVE £32  

Repeaters - £250. SAVE £70 


(Member discounts automatically applied when booked online. Repeaters should contact reception)



We recognise the program requires a significant commitment from you and we re always available to discuss your participation before you reserve your place. Call 07 872 122 842 or email to discuss how the program can benefit your life.


Full payment required prior to the orientation meeting on Sunday 18th January.

There will be no refunds or exchanges even if you drop out of the programme.



What's Included?


  • Unlimited Hot Power Yoga classes - your current pass will be placed on hold

  • Nutritional products worth over £40

  • "40 Days to Personal Revolution" book by Baron Baptiste


  • Additional food facts and diet tips


  • Guided meditation recording


  • All Community Meetings, guidance and coaching


  • Membership of a private Facebook Group




Nice relaxing Child's Pose moment

calendar_large_white Timings & Price
Timing of next programme:

Starts Monday 18th January
Pre-programme orientation meeting Sunday 17th January 6.30pm
Price: £320
(Inclusive of unlimited classes for 40 days, nutritional pack, book and community meetings)


£256 - 12 Month  SAVE £64
£288 - 3 Month  SAVE £32
(Discounts automatically applied when booked online)


Repeaters: £250  SAVE £70



Full payment required prior to the orientation meeting.


There will be no refunds or exchanges even if you drop out of the programme.



Make new friends in the HPY Community



Weekly community meetings with Dylan Ayaloo



And streeettccchhh!

What people say about the Program:


"Taking part in the 40 Day Program is the best gift I’ve given myself. It gave me space to learn and grow on so many levels, and the tools to achieve this growth, including the support of fantastic teachers, and a wonderful community. I am so happy I did it... bring on the next one!" -  Nathalie



"When I first read on the website about the 40 days program, it looked too good to be true. Just like those TV ads selling the most amazing and miraculous creams and potions to be slimmer, taller, and fit and beautiful. 

Now that I'm in it, I can't find the words to describe this experience. Amazing is not enough, strange, is not it. It's... perhaps, just so simple and so right.... I feel centered, positive, grounded even, and finally a little bit more at peace with myself I can see things more clearly, and I can almost touch these feelings and sensations that have been running around in my head for so long. It almost feels like I've cracked the code or found the key to open a new door. I don't know where I'm going but I feel more confident I can enjoy this new path ahead of me.' - Vanessa



"The 40 Day Program has been an incredible experience. I experienced growth, freedom, strength, triumph and community. The program is awesome – thank you HPY!!" - Holli



"What an amazing experience the 40 Day Program has been for me. After having a baby 15 months ago, and feeling like I’d lost ‘myself’, I decided to sign up in hope that yoga would bring me back to my centre and make space in my life for some ‘me’ time. I never anticipated that I would also gain a better understanding of who I am, be in the best shape I’ve been in for a very long time, and make friends with a group of wonderful people who have touched my life forever. I’ve pushed my boundaries, learnt new things about myself and discovered how to shine" - Melissa M



"Not sure what I expected when I signed up to the 40 Day Program. A detox and improved fitness and health perhaps? Well I certainly have these but what I didn’t expect was a complete shake up of my life both physically and spiritually. During the past 6 weeks I have fallen in love with yoga both as a practice and, looking forward, as a way of life. Through the meditation and the honesty within the community I have been able to see my life with more clarity and have begun to make positive changes where needed. The clue to the power of this program is in the title – for me it has been a revolution" - Alex



"It has been 40 days of self discovery, of finding the power within me and I am so thankful for that window into myself" - Heidi



"I would recommend the 40 Day Program.... It gave me a safe space to explore and grow in new ways, becoming physically stronger and healthier but also calmer in my mind and a lot easier on myself in general. I feel much lighter and more positive at the end of the program" - Helen



"The 40 Day Program came at just the right time in my life. I was feeling lost after a long illness. My personal practice had become weak, not just on a physical level but also on the level of personal transformation. It was and I was going nowhere fast. Now at the end of the course I feel physically and mentally strong, empowered to make the right lifestyle and life direction choices for me. I feel in control once again" -  Craig



"I would recommend this program to anyone who feels “stuck” in their day-to-day life or simply wants to deepen their connection with yoga and yoga philosophy. An amazing transformational experience" - Benj



"I found the 40 Day Program challenging, stimulating and ultimately rewarding. It has helped me to tone up physically, increase my inner mental strength and restart my spiritual practices – all of which I had been neglecting. I highly recommend it" - John



"The 40 Day Program has had a profound impact on my life. At a time when I felt life was mundane and repetitive, I took on this program as a personal challenge, something I could ‘achieve/succeed at’. But what I realised during the course of the program was that it was not an item on a ‘to do list’, it was about awakening to another level of being. A level that brings a more enriched life –filled with more happiness, peace, love and self acceptance" - Melissa S