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"Hands down the best yoga class I have attended in my life to date. I cannot recommend it enough" - Project Hot B*tch





Find HPYness with Hot Power Yoga in Clapham

Suitable for all levels, shapes and sizes, Hot Power Yoga offers a vigorous yet accessible style of yoga which sculpts your body, builds strength and flexibility, releases stress and calms your mind. 

You'll leave our Clapham North and Clapham Common yoga classes feeling like you stepped out of your daily life and returned a different person - a feeling we call HPYness!




Yoga that's modern, athletic and heated


We offer a modern, athletic style of yoga - called power vinyasa - that is practiced in a heated venues in Clapham North and Clapham Common. Unlike a gym workout which works on specific muscle groups, our teachers will guide you through a yoga class that will stretch and strengthen your entire body.

And because it's heated, your muscles will let go more quickly so you’ll get deeper into your stretches sooner, which is great for relaxation anddeveloping flexibility. If you do other sports, Hot Power Yoga will support your recovery as well as injury prevention.

The heat also helps you detoxify as you lose toxins through your skin when you sweat.

Beginners Yoga Classes in Clapham

If you're new to yoga, give Hot Power Yoga a try. We offer a Beginners Workshop as well as Beginners yoga classes, and whatever your age, shape, size or level of flexibility and fitness, you’re welcome.

And Boys Too!

And boys, if you think power yoga is just for girls, perhaps you’d like to take that up with the Welsh and Australian rugby teams. These tough guys integrate power yoga into their training regimes for injury prevention and rehabilitation, and to enhance their game performance. So what’s your excuse?!


Male or female, our intention is for you to leave our classes feeling like a different person - physically, mentally and spiritually.... A feeling we call HPYness!”

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“One of the best things I’ve done in my life.”
- Katie H. 





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